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Yeah, that’s pretty cool.

Sure, that’s defensible. 👍

But bigotry means “a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic towards a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.”. So that literally means that you should be able to tolerate other people’s opinions even when it’s something you don’t personally believe in. It goes both ways, right?

Yeah, I love that. All love to the developer @dessalines@lemmy.ml, you a champ!

I strive to be as good as you in coding!

Don’t know. But then again, free and open means everyone should be allowed to express their opinion, dumb or not. The beauty is that person who expressed that dumb opinion will be criticised for that opinion by others. The problem we have with the internet today is that it caters too many echo-chambers. That’s why I wanted to open this community… so that everyone can criticise each other’s ideas.

I’m from a certain part of India, which is very liberal, and we have Muslims, Christians and atheists walking hand in hand; because even though they disagree on certain topics they still respect each other. There are strong communists and socialists and hardcore capitalists, there are arguments and discussions between them from time to time, but in the end, as a state, we are always together. So I feel that even America needs that too. Each side is casting each other as the worst when they don’t realise that they might have much more in common than they realise.

Oh alright… I just feel like it might end up like the whole Discord mods situation, where the mods get so drunk with power that they just ban anything they don’t like. I hope that this site won’t have that. I respect the developers and the technological aspects of this website a lot. I don’t want to end up not using this anymore.

Plus another thing is, in the spirit of being free and open, I feel that being respectful to one another should be encouraged but not enforced, because then it’s not open anymore.

You can’t say cuss words on this site?

Are the mods being too strict?

I respect the mods for taking time out of their day to take care of this website… however some of the decisions made for banning users, I feel, are too opinionated. …


Reason for creating this community

I joined this website because it took pride in being an open alternative to Reddit. So I believe that this can not only be open technologically but also ideologically. A site that encourages healthy discussion and disagreement. …


Sure… no problem. How do you access the mod log? By the way, the only issue I had was then like if the mods saw an opinion they did not like, then is it right for them to remove it for misinformation? I don’t know the rules for removal. My only rule for removal would be if the commenter was genuinely threatening someone on the site… but that’s just me.

Is removing it fair though? I feel like downvoting to oblivion is a better way to do it… I wanted to know what this guy said, now I’ll never know haha