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Small instance for Engineers On Planet Earth. Anything Engineering/Technology related with minimal politics.

Thanks, yes, I am jumping straight to https, maybe I should do one step at a time. I followed instructions very closely. I guess somewhere did something :)

Just listened to one episode. Indeed lots of fun. Thanks for sharing.

I did not know, where to ask the question. I thought it was a right place, sorry. By all means, I am not hunting him down. I was just curious. Most of the times I wear aluminum hat as well.

I agree with you, definitely Capitalism.

Must be due to all electric cars burning around.

Got it. Thanks for explanation.

Good idea, except it will be centralized :)

Maybe it can be self hosted on git such as Gogs

Maybe, they were blind, but their lives were better, Even true Latvians are saying this.

I don’t want to start a debate here. What’s done is done. Most of the people don’t even know where to point a finger on a map, let’s not talk about IQ here.

Nice newsletter by J.B. Crawford

Baltic states build stronger economies?

Have you been or lived in Latvia? It might change your opinion. How it was before and current situation? How many people left the country when they joined EU and what is happening to the rest, especially who cannot retire? Sometimes analysis can be wrong.

Thank you. Merry Christmas to you as well. I do run small discourse community on Upcloud, and manage via ssh. Never hurt to brush up on it though :)

Thanks, I’ll check out Hetzner.

My apologies, well noted.

No income dependant, just a hobby. I get what you saying.

Thanks, I read few good reviews about alphaVPS, not that many servers have DDoS protection. Could you recommend from experience something cheap and reliable?

Hosting alphaVPS vs OVH
I am using Upcloud for private discourse forum. It's a bit on expensive side. Would like to move either to alphaVPS or OVH and host an Lemmy instance. Asking kindly if anyone has anything to say about either alphaVPS or OVH? Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!!

Good wealth amount of info
Stumble on this cool site long time ago.

Toast, butter, vegemite and avocado.

I see, well good luck, let us know the outcome. Also, try to keep “aesthetically appealing”, not like windows in 1980’s with silver perimeter wires :)).

Got it. Don’t be to offended. Right way sometimes can cost you an arm and a leg. Laser reflective beam can also be used.

May I ask what are you trying to achieve? A trigger when window is broken? Have you look into motion sensor and maybe Zigbee/Z-wave dongle? Less work and don’t have to touch the window. Plus, future expansion of mesh network.

System of standards, was the key then, and now it’s all about the profit.

Yes, I am aware. At end of the day reducing the centralization is our end result.


After Holidays, will try to spin something :))

Thank you for invitation. I will definitely check it out. Need some time to get my bearing straight :) Btw, great explanation.

Currently I am a Lemmy user. I never heard of “wolfballs”, will check it out.

I am in Marine sector. You may not have heard but soon the future of slow speed diesel engines as alternative and green fuel is “ammonia”.

Here is a good read


Good discussion and valid points everyone. I am actually very surprised, people here are actually for a reason :)))

Was on the same boat, took a year to convince wife start using signal. She still uses WhatsApp, saying she has a good content there.

Got it, very good idea.

You mean, if both a and b communities agreed ie both have these feature enabled they can share a topic/s among them?

I am newb as well. I heard about it before " decentrilized concept", but was to busy in my own world, like most of us. Got tired of mainstream along with pandemic drove me to other side.

This is awesome concept, need to do some homework.

Thanks, sort of make sense. Have to do a bit more reading. Should staff/mods of these communities on different servers have same usernames and/or passwords? Or different for the sake of security, ie if one user gets compromised, all instances will be at risk?

Do you know, if it is possible to have same community on multiple instances? and not just a same name. Or, we end up having two communities with same name and different content eventually?

I am sure it will happen, maybe devs need a bit more time and support. We always see few glitches in the beginning

How do we expand
Most of the communities are on one instance i.e .ml. Should we spin up more instances and start spreading communities either by location, interests, etc? Maybe, I am wrong but do mod/s who run the communities understand the idea of "decentralized social networks" or this is just to get few brownie points to start the community and increase the traffic? Please correct me if I am wrong. No offence, just an observation.

Поменяй картинку
Алле админ, Понятно тут что все свои. Давай медведья с флагом, что-то по серьезней. А то как то суховато.

Ну что жмурики, как мир захватывать будем? Или все по норам? Салют всем

New in the boat
Not much activity here. It would be nice to move few people, gone spreading the word. Salut, and don't spent too much time in yaml :))