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Everyone who reads cares about spelling. It has to do with readability. I know that most mainstream click-bait article headline authors do not care. They do not need to, since their message is typically trivial. If you read more complicated texts it becomes obvious why words cannot be spelled differently in every paragraph. (Also, it seems to be a Usonian problem…) Controversy is not the issue. It can arise. The problem is when posts are made with intent of controversy (a.k.a “user engagement”). In a scientific discussion, controvery disappears with increasing evidence (no need to argue when the facts are clear). Also, ban the trolls from everything (never feed them!).

No trolling? The username is ‘vaxedpeopledie’… To me the way vaccinated is written (with one ‘x’ or more) is already unsettling enough (if not trolling). But jokes aside - who has a username like this without the intent to stir up controversy?

Edit: Also, I trust this platform because people get banned (i.e., moderation works).

It also says “W[orld]H[ealth]O[rganisation] warns” - seems OK imo.

It seems to be “just a flu” if you are vaccinated.

“Valid votes” which only confirm your opinion? How do you know they are bots?

I think entire wolfballs should be banned… or turned into an actual furry community without the racist under/overtones.

You do understand how sperm banks work, right?

This is not happening. Austria does not do this. Also, most of the population support the vaccine mandate.

If they are worthless, you should tell the surgeons/dentists not to wear them. That way they can more easily spit in your mouth and organs… and to cut down costs of course.


We simply do not want ideas/opinions/beliefs/stories/news/etc. from the right. The internet is already full of that garbage. Too many platforms exist for center-right-nazis… Lemmy should not be one of them.

It is already painfull to watch your petty attempts to stir some controversy. Your “discussions” are very narrow topic wise and frankly quite boring boilerplate arguments of rightwing mainstream media. What about topics not revolving around covid/government/race/etc. What about art, philosophy, nature and human rights? These are all aspects of “freedom”.

Maybe drop the “curious 🤔” attitude?

Please don’t! Why do you want to do that? If you cannot find another independent source it is not worth reading anyway…

Also, I really dislike the condecending “curious 🤔” attitude. The content is already tailored to steer the discussion to a particular controversial topic. You are not curious - this is just basic bait.

Seize the means of vaccination! I am not antivax. I am anti-tax-money-funnelling-to-few-cooperations. Make vaccines open. Release the source code! Vaccinate the public!

From my experience, it is those who claim “good faith” that are often the same people that do not act that way… I don’t mind you here. The saying goes: “Keep your friends close, …”

Agree, all posts are “bait” to steer some absurd discussion on covid, vaccines, race… It is just not good content (also reposts). TrollHard here keeps dancing around these controversial topics and does not contribute to any discussion (with this smug “curious 🤔” attitude).

It might aswell indicate that severe COVID causes reduced levels of zinc. Correlations need to be tested experimentally (e.g., like the vaccines).