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Horrible choice. However, its shittiness reflects the essence of this stereotype-ridden communities. You know, woman do not need to wear sexy undergarmets?

The entire trope of “Ask A” is ignorant and naive. Do you really think any self-respecting person would honestly answer such questions that generalise an entire group of people? Just ask this in real life where you have to look into someones face. I know this requires courage and actually meeting people (and leave your comfort zone).

The lack of creativity and creeping bigotry/misogyny are really turning lemny into reddit… Shame.

How is this still up? Obvious troll/ bait!

deleted by creator

More like a bunch of red flags with a white circle and some strange interwined crosses…

deleted by creator

With all due respect for your work on this platform. Please do not recommend wolfballs to anyone.

It is not censored if it is linked in the sidebar… More like “highlighted”!

Finally, a smart comment from you!

Please stop. You are embarassing yourself.

It is allowing it. Hidden content is still content. It is even worse. It provides a safe space for racists/bigots because it will be hidden from reporting and public scrutiny. The inner circle [of facists] will know where to find it yet it appears “clean” to new users. Also, the constant reference to “balls” is offputting and borderline sexist/misogynist. Obvious bait. Bad troll. Ban them all. Do not provide a platform for this kind of nonsense.

Good! Thank you for the effort. It is important to set a clear boundary and ban users/communities/instances/… if they attempt to cross it.

"Facts don’t support Western spin on Dugin bombing

Mainstream media reports are drawing the wrong conclusions about Aleksandr Dugin assassination attempt" by David P. Goldman and Uwe Parpart


Thanks! That explains why I could not find more :) Anyway, it is a great track!

Really like this track! Did not expect it to get posted here… :) Do you know any more songs of PJOTR V?

Agree, calling people “normie” requires someone to feel “superior” (or others “inferior”) and is not a good way to get new users. It is not necessary. Also, many people want to be “normal”… Lastly, Lemmur is great (your phone/internet maybe not…) - zero issues here…

Agree. Reddit is horrible (twitter screenshots even worse)… I would rather have less content than this garbage. I came to lemmy because reddit is annoying. We should promote the culture of lemmy and not mirror the decadence of reddit. Quality over quantity!

CK averages ~5 posts per day and moderates a growing number of communities (on lemmy only). The drama surrounding them dates back to 2017 (see github link). This is concerning as it does not seem like a healthy habit. Maybe they should take a break? After all lemmy is just a federated link aggregator with options for discussion - no need to obsess and take yourself so serious!

P.s.: what’s up with all the shitty low-contrast screnshots wasting server bandwidth?