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Maybe I’m missing a basic concept on Federation. I was assuming that the federation feature would allow a user on another instance (e.g., on Baraza.africa) to post on Lemmy.ml.

Here are two posts that Baraza.Africa shows as being posted to c/bitcoin: https://baraza.africa/c/bitcoin@lemmy.ml

However, on !bitcoin@lemmy.ml, those posts do not show. https://lemmy.ml/c/bitcoin/data_type/Post/sort/New/page/1

Is that correct, expected behavior?

I am seeing the same. It seems that Mastodon cannot follow a Lemmy commmunity if a user on that Lemmy instance has the same name as the community.

I created issue #1922 for lemmy on Github for this.

The IRS seized $3.5 billion in cryptocurrency during fiscal 2021, which accounted for 93% of its criminal investigation seizures. [Article on CoinDesk](https://www.coindesk.com/policy/2021/11/18/irs-seized-35b-in-cryptocurrency-during-fiscal-2021/)

Newsworthy, kind of, because a number of years ago Apple had banned “crypto” apps.

“When Apple banned the Blockchain wallet over 1,000 news stories ran about Apple banning Bitcoin."


Possible to change the community after creating a post?
Let's say I posted this in !main instead of !AskLemmy, would I be able to change the Community after posting? If so, how?


If you aren’t already familiar with the Lightning Network, Lopp has a great site for finding more information on it.

Exchanges where you can buy and/or sell bitcoin using Lightning network

In the U.S. (and El Salvador), this same capability for the customer is available today from Strike. A merchant can use Strike as well, to have payments from customers paying with LN converted to dollars.

Video: Payment via Lightning network, from EUR, to BTC (on LN), to USD -- in seconds
This was a **demonstration** of using Bitcoin on **Lightning Network** ⚡ for a retail / Point of Sale (POS) transaction. This occurred during the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami last week. The demonstration shows the "customer" scanning a QR code from the cashier's tablet, and paying the Lightning network (LN) invoice. **The customer didn't hold bitcoin**. The wallet app (Lastbit) paid the LN invoice using the customer's bank debit card (on file with Lastbit). The merchant in this instance was also using Lastbit, and in this case, the proceeds of the sale (bitcoin on Lightning network) are **converted to dollars on arrival** (which is an option available to the merchant). The merchant doesn't need to use Lastbit. **They could be using a self-hosted BTCPay Server, for instance, and never touch dollars**. But to show how LN can work well for retail payments, the merchant in this instance is receiving payment in fiat -- which many merchants choose to do (for now, until their vendors, employees, etc. also accept bitcoin). Source: [Tweet by LastBit](https://twitter.com/lastbitpay/status/1401299830694027269).

XPost: lemmy.ml's SSL cert just expired - Lemmy
Posting here in case the post in the main Lemmy community isn't noticed.

Lemmy’s day to shine (as Reddit is / was down), and new visitors are met with this.

Here’s a chart showing the quantity issued and quantity redeemed for each type of the #Casascius “physical bitcoins”: https://casasciustracker.com/status

deleted by creator

Out of 57 Casascius S1-BAR-100 "physical bitcoins" issued, only 8 remain unredeemed. Each Casascius S1-BAR-100 bar!has (or had, if redeemed) 100 BTC. #Bitcoin ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/UtwfGe6zJb.jpg)

Search for a community requires ! in front. Is that really necessary?
On Lemmy.ml, I click Communities then in the search box I type "uganda@baraza.africa" and click the Search button. The response is "No results.". But then if I type the "!" prefix, i.e., "!uganda@baraza.africa" and click Search, the community is found. This seems to be a UX issue. Not everyone will know the community needs the "!" prefix.

It was user error on my end. See my comment reply to u/nutomic

Ah … I see what I was doing wrong.

!fediversefutures@lemmy.ml works. Searching fediversefutures@lemmy.ml (without the “!” in front) instead shows “No results.”.

Thanks for the tip!

I can’t see !fediversefutures@lemmy.ml as a community from another Lemmy instance that I have an account on. Is federating this community planned?

For normies, … works just like chrome or firefox, without having to install any extensions / plugins, … there are no ads when watching the youtubes.

Lend at HodlHodl isn’t mentioned but it is different from the rest of the lending / yield methods.

With HodlHodl Lend, you lend out USDT or USDC, but the borrower’s collateral (bitcoin) is in an multisig contract and you have one of the three keys needed for the 2-of-3 signature contract. You don’t need to trust a BlockFi or anything like that.

Additionally, you can lend out USDT on Liquid network, and thus you can lend USDT without having to pay any on-chain fees (whereas, lending out USDC would cause you to have to pay gas fees.)

Live offers from the Offer list from this Tweet by HodlHodl

Decent article on lending bitcoin, altcoins, or stablecoins out. The conclusion at the bottom is the money shot: "At the end of the day, DeFi is still a far more dangerous spot to park your money with risks not well-understood by the average investor. All DeFi protocols run the risk of software bugs and/or copycats that can, in the worst case, drain liquidity completely. In addition, there is obviously no FDIC insurance protecting the deposits."

No ads on Youtube (i.e., at least, without requiring an adblocker).