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Not sure I agree with that. I know plenty of people who would describe what he did as patriotic, and consider themselves to patriots in the traditional sense.

I hope there is a day when he can be received as an American hero, and not some pariah by the U.S.

This is the story of the world in general, not just France right now. The world is being crushed by this virus in all sorts of ways, but definitely in an economic sense.

Bad premises overall. Won’t be challenged in any mainstream sense. What a sad state of affairs we’re in when “net neutrality” means pro-government regulation of the internet.

Richard Stallman is the Android generation’s Richard Stallman. Either way, this guy has done some great advocacy in the past and overall, but is a cancer, considering his personality. Fuck RMS, and fuck Android in the long-run.

Isn't it more appropriate for the name of this community to be "capitalism_critique"?

I understand that capitalism deserves its criticism, but doesn’t the name imply a discussion about capitalism, rather than only a criticism of that?..