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They could have included a Thinkpad like nub, but I think there might be patent issues.

I recall almost all laptops had those at some point. IBM must have been making some good money off of that if that is the case.

Will be nice when Linux Phone stuff is more mature.

I wouldn’t doubt that it’s not too far off.

We have fundamental differences in the role of government. This is why I will get downvoted to hell here.

Yeah, but Alpine is weird. It’s not comfortable for a lot of people.

Yeah, definitely makes Fedora look pretty far behind.

This is archaic thinking. Steve Ballmer’s Microsoft. These days, Microsoft makes more money from Linux (read Azure) than they do from Windows. Desktop operating systems for consumers are dying.

Because it’s not as though things like that are so easy to predict, and it would most likely become another government creep that we have handed over to them, never to be taken away again.

Interesting since Pine64 chose Manjaro as its official OS over Ubuntu Touch.

I think they should, but I wouldn’t want it to be a government mandate or anything.

I visit this site every now and then, but most libertarians don’t seem welcome here. Perhaps a Liberdon-equivalent instance should be set-up by someone.

Let’s take it one step further and not give the centralized national government more power. Let’s diminish the power of the U.S. presidency altogether, and we all win when a piece of shit gets put there.

Just to be clear, are you of the opinion that anyone who disagrees with your sentiment should simply not have a place for discussion on Lemmy? The book is closed, and it is only factually correct to have the idea of it being a failure?

Not sure I agree with that. I know plenty of people who would describe what he did as patriotic, and consider themselves to patriots in the traditional sense.

I hope there is a day when he can be received as an American hero, and not some pariah by the U.S.

This is the story of the world in general, not just France right now. The world is being crushed by this virus in all sorts of ways, but definitely in an economic sense.

Bad premises overall. Won’t be challenged in any mainstream sense. What a sad state of affairs we’re in when “net neutrality” means pro-government regulation of the internet.

Isn't it more appropriate for the name of this community to be "capitalism_critique"?

I understand that capitalism deserves its criticism, but doesn’t the name imply a discussion about capitalism, rather than only a criticism of that?..