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  1. Corruption in governments.

  2. Poverty among African-Americans

  3. Rape (yes it’s addressed, but never in a constructive way that changes anything or helps in any way)

Yeah they definitely could benefit from some diversity of thought, they’re more homogenous than a Mormon prayer meeting

I’ve noticed this recently. Sometimes switching to a new Tor identity helps.

Things like this are convincing me to use exclusively FOSS, where possible.

Glad I’m not the only one recognizing the flaws in the rules here!

Good news is, this is FOSS software. Anybody can fork it. Hopefully a freer instance will pop up soon, but in the meantime, right now I’d be more interested in the devs getting the software up and running. There might be a time for crapping on this instance, but now ain’t it.

These are really good points. This could lead to a feedback loop, where all code looks the same.

Still, the devs are writing a lot of the code. Hopefully the AI will continue learning from the devs and it won’t become * completely * stale.

Wow! Hopefully they do Shaun Palmer’s Pro Snowboarder too, I played that as a kid all the time on our PS2.

This isn’t really true. He once again rose to relevancy in the alt-right by siding with Nick Fuentes over Turning Point USA.

The reports of Milo’s death have been greatly exaggerated, lol

It’s definitely a laudable goal to want to slow the growth of these groups. It’s just that personally, if there was an option that could lead folks out of the deception, I’d go for that.

As far as instances not wanting to host Nazi content, I think that’s fine, and a necessary mechanism for admins to use. I was under the impression that PeerTube instances can block each other as Mastodon/Pleroma/Soapbox/Misskey instances do, and they can block Nazi content in the same way if they wish. If they don’t have such a mechanism added yet, they need to add it soon, I personally think it’s essential to allowing admins to moderate as they see fit.

I see FOSS software as a newfound opportunity for freedom. I feel as though I should be able to argue with Nazis, and you and others should be able to host instances that block them. The two are not mutually exclusive.

As a fan of free speech, I disagree.

Did YouTube banning Alex Jones end his show? Did it keep him from spreading fake news?

By having extremists move to their own isolated silos, nothing is left to stop their confirmation bias. It doesn’t get rid of the followers at all, because alt-right conspiracy land is a very cult-like environment.

Fixed it.

Shouldn’t have made it this confusing in the first place, lol

No, I mean political moderates.

Perhaps Centrists would be a better word to use?

The only thing I really hate is the polarization. I like hearing different viewpoints from people who disagree with me, but oftentimes people will outright block you for disagreeing with them, or even associating with “the wrong people”.

Isn’t there a way to hide bots in the timeline? I hear people complain about bots day and night, but I kinda like them. It should be made easier for people who don’t like bots to just ignore them.

On the first point, I very much agree. The problem becomes, will these “topics” as Twitter calls them have to be handmade by the admins, or will it be done with AI? And how would it be done?

On the third point, certain instances have a trending section, and even for those that don’t, you can still see what’s trending in Fedilab.

That kinda goes against decentralization tho, doesn’t it? To have only one account and use that for everything?

Regardless, it would be nice. I think Lemmy posts and comments would show up rather nicely in Mastodon, but IDK about Mastodon toots’ visibility in Lemmy.

I do think it’s more important to have a mobile app, tho.

The goal is just for emergency purposes (in case censorship of other modes of communication gets crazy). It wouldn’t be my primary platform, by any means.

I just found it and have been trying to spread the word, hopefully it speeds up