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Apple stores your icloud encryption keys, So they have access to everything from your icloud, i store minimal things in iCloud. Email, Calendar sync, and game saves. No photos, Backups, and i block the main “Phoning Home Server” Domains

This looks interesting hopefully it goes well

Shall not be infringed

Just about any OS is better than xiaomi’s proprietary garbage LineageOS is great

Reddit is starting to get super shady, (forcing you to use personalized-ads)

As long as Lemmy doesn’t start getting shady I’ll continue to use it

Yeah so far so good with lemmy, only complaint is there is no official app yet.

A Google VPN… Yikes

if i had the choice i’d just pay for the app it its not worth getting tracked everywhere you go to get a free app with usually limited features without paying

google is a stock holder of robinhood so it makes sense.

this means companies will just use other means of tracking. 1 pixel tracking scripts :)