cross-posted from: > **[Italy's Antitrust authority opens probe into Google](** > **Web giant defends itself over interoperability of data** > > [(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 14]( - Italy's antitrust authority said Thursday that it has opened a probe into Google for allegedly abusing its dominant market position. > The watchdog said Google allegedly hampered the interoperability of data sharing on its platform with other platforms. > "These tools enable people to extract and transfer their data," Google said. > "These tools are designed to help people manage their personal information, and not give other companies or intermediaries access to more data to sell". > Last year the authority on fined Google and Apple 10 million euros each for two breaches of the consumer code, one for a lack of information and the other for aggressive practices linked to the acquisition and use of consumer data for commercial purposes. (ANSA). > > […](

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One of the endless criticisms in the endless debate on the rights and wrongs of present-day big tech and the quest for data accountability is the idea that users of such tech are effectively walking cash-generators for the corporate behemoths.

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