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I run Debian/Ubuntu on my servers, but I develop on Arch and Alpine.

If only rust-analyzer would build faster (and not break every so often)

There’s no way to completely get away from politics, it’s just so pervasive in modern culture. If an open-source project is going to take a political stance, this is one that’s high on the list of not-bad politics

I can’t think of a use-case where a third-party website would ever need to see what ports I have open on my machine.

That was my thought line too. There’s no real need that I can see for this sort of thing.

I’ve seen stuff about “loss prevention” but I’m inclined to believe that that’s BS.

With pride parades being cancelled, what are you doing for pride month?

A little bit, but not that much. I’m learning, though!

Oh, I’m thinking of switching.social.

Oh, this is back? I thought it disappeared along with the Mastodon account.

I like having my status bar aha. I do find myself rarely using the mouse though, which is always nice.

Could also put it in a box that looks sort of like how the community information boxes are.

Something else I just noticed was there’s a similar issue for comment reply previews as well. I think something like the horizontal rule between comments might be good.

Happy Pride!

I know this is a bit late, but happy pride month to all of you!..


There should be a horizontal spacer between posts and comment previews

One thing I just noticed a few minutes ago was that there’s not much of a separator between my comment preview and the original post. Adding some sort of spacer or horizontal rule would work well to separate them…

I used to use KDE because it looked the best to me, but then I found awesome. I like it because it’s lightweight, customizable, and gets out of my way. I never thought a tiling window manager would be so great, but it is

Ah, I see. How will communities across instances be differentiated?

I see your point, however I think community fragmentation is an issue that will need to be resolved, and having separate communities for each instance won’t help with that.

I feel like that would needlessly complicate federation, as described in other places on this thread (https://lemmy.ml/post/31114/comment/2943 etc).

An issue I just thought of is how initial instance mods would be appointed (for new instances etc.), but that could be done by instance admins or community vote? Or it could be the first user to subscribe from that instance.

this is exactly the point that keeps getting brought up, but they’re not going to listen to any arguments that don’t support their position

Welcome to /c/asexual

I didn’t see a community here for aces, so I made one. I’m planning on modeling this a lot on r/asexual and r/asexuality, but any suggestions are welcome!..


Actually something that just came to mind: Maybe communities on one instance are the same communities on every other instance, but mods can be appointed per-instance and remove content on that instance only? I don’t know how practical that is, but it’s an idea.

i think it’s important to have at least some governance, certainly over this instance and the software it runs. People are always free to make forks, but (especially for federation) there should be something that can be agreed on