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A new phone, will get lineage os later today :)

A forum for leftists who care about privacy.

What to learn? 3 days
Hi, I have a couple free days on hand with nothing to do. Any technologies or services one should learn? Maybe software that'll be important in the next couple of years? Maybe some hardware one should learn to use? I'm not afraid to spend a little money, but I need some things to do for a couple of days.

Privacy and Security Gadgets as a Project and for usage
Hi, I am always on the hunt for interesting and somewhat useful Privacy/Security or just Gadgets. These don't have to be physical things, also Software. I was interested in what some of you guys have or use. I love new little Projects to just build something new or start using a new Gadget. Currently I have a -Yubikey for 2FA -A RaspberryPi Zero as a Hardware Crypto Wallet -I use Digital Certificates with all my Email traffic -I tried to use only Safer and more Secure Apps of my Favourite Apps (For Reddit, YouTube...) -And I am working on moving to LineageOS on my new Phone Of course not all of these are neccesary, but fun little Projects for Security and Privacy. Does anyone of you have anything to add or some fun little projects along the lines of Privacy and Security? I'd love to hear them.

I use Bitwarden, it’s pleasant to use and reliable.

Do you guys use some management software for your server or just have a lot of docker containers?
Sorry, maybe a weird question. But I am gonna acquire a nice server soon and am interested on how to manage that. I want to run stuff like a webserver, matrix server and just a lot of cool stuff. But how do I approach that on a software level? Any tips would be nice. Thanks

I don’t think we can easily. But we can gently push them into the direction of privacy focused apps and show how easy and similar they are to proprietary software. And then you can always mention the privacy aspect.

What are you expecting from this platform?
What do you want lemmy to be? What do you hope to find here? I myself want this to be a privacy and technology focused new Reddit with rich community interaction and forming of real communities.

Mostly paper and a lot of Notebooks. (too many) But recently a simple Task-App.

I like it to be advice based but for more open ended questions. Not really specific questions for a specific topic. More like FOSS and everything technology and this lemmy.