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It isn’t “opinion” whether vaccines/masks work or not.


I live in a 1 BR in the not so affluent part of town

I’ve moderated a couple ~100k subscriber subreddits, and automod was a godsend. The karma and age requirement specifically has drastically reduced the ability for people to spam subreddits and circumvent bans. It’s annoying as an earnest new user, no doubt, but it makes focusing on more important things much easier, making the sub better for everyone using it

I saw the ocean when they opened for BtBaM a few years ago and frankly wasn’t that into them. Then someone had me listen to Pelagial, and since then I’ve been a believer. These last few albums have all been masterpieces.

You betcha. In trying to find a non-Amazon/Walmart way to get the special edition. Hoping I can go to GameStop Friday morning or something

I occasionally get sleep paralysis and I love it

I had previously read the left hand of darkness and enjoyed it a lot, so I gave the dispossessed a shot and thought it was even better. I like sci-fi that isn’t just “action movie but in space” but rather uses the setting and themes to discuss larger ideas, social commentary, thought experiments. Le Guin seems to excel at that kinda thing

Just finished The 3 Body Problem, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, and The Dispossessed, now I’m working on The Stars,Like Dust and Neuromancer

How were things during the eclipse a few years back? pretty crazy I imagine

I’ve heard people call it Disk Destroyer for that reason lol

It doesn’t require co-op, but frankly, and while I think it’s a great game, I don’t think it would’ve been that much fun on my own.