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I find these types of apps way to complicated. Something like https://github.com/misterunknown/ifm/tree/v2.6.3 Improved File manager is just one PHP script, no complications, put in directory, make subdirectories, upload audio, video or any kind of files and write your text. This looks like way too complex application in background that limits human needs, rather than giving the liberty. I am protecting my space with http authentication, very easy thing. I can edit notes from anywhere in the world with simplest not complex application.

That is a splitter group and not a “GNU” project. I wonder why they misrepresent themselves as false representation is illegal act in many countries. If those people don’t like GNU project, they can make their own, but please don’t call it GNU as it is not a GNU project.

This is so useful application. I use it every day to quickly assign people who write me emails to their corresponding accounts. I just press key in mutt and if email from correspondent does not exist it has to be inserted into PostgreSQL database, but where? So fzf is used to choose the account name, like “Emacs User” or “People who want to work for me” or similar. Before I have been using things like numbered console menus and readline. Yet fzf is better choice.

Dashboards are useful for some people, why not. I like to watch real time marketing campaigns when number of potential buyers enter the database, even better is observing of real time profit increase.

My French anarchist girlfriend used to steal Italian pesto even at times when I have purchased full baskets of food for her in Italy.

I have programmed PostgreSQL and use Emacs Org Protocol, so I use Iceweasel or Firefox extension for Org Protocol, so I can just insert bookmark straight into the database, or I can annotate something on the website and insert bookmark with annotation. It is just one click. If I need a bookmark, I can export it all and import into any browser, or I can just launch it straight from Emacs. I am searching for bookmarks by using PostgreSQL. This way it is centralized, and I can use any browser to launch same bookmarks. It is not hard to program it yourself. I am using Emacs Lisp. It is not related to F-Droid, but I can export bookmarks and use it on mobile browser.