Presenting an Open-Source Mini Demo of This is a great open-source application that replicates much of the functionality of Google Keep, while respecting your privacy, and even allows for self-hosting! Check it out at Created and presented by If you enjoy great edutainment video, but want to view it in a community that respects user privacy and supports creators, visit today! CREDITS - Hex numbers generated at - Icons made by Vignesh Oviyan from - Icons made by Freepik from - Icons made by Smashicons from Screen Saver by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:

Thanks to this video on #Peertube, I found out about a Google Keep replacement call tinylist…

No account needed… and the data can even be self hosted (if you like)…


Carnet is another alternative to Keep:

Future Me

This is phenomenal!

DeGoogle Yourself

    Here you may post anything with the DeGooge movement!!! Enjoy killing Google’s Empire!!

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