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  • Server is now on its on place
  • Added Capcha
  • modded ratelimit has an optional e2e encryption but its buggy give it a shot

you broke the rules of this community, please delete

please link the source too (since mirotalk has no link on its website for it)

Mumble is not even end to end encrypted Element (Matrix) takes to many resources to host (also uses jitsi) XMPP has no converece calls Revolt is buggy alpha and not good encrypted

your reaction is kinda unfiting since indeed there is NO GOOD VOIP SOLUTION!!!

BTW i want to be a generic less political instance, i can just agree hurting people is bad :3

LemmyONE replaces, had to drop it for a day :)

i had to switch domains and servers up, Mentano will be a side project while LemmyONE replaces, sorry for the inconvinience

**Its in a early stage and frond- and backend will be seperated!**

yeah but they have to whitelist me, no?

Mentano thanks, i just needed a .org domain i guess and randomized someting in my head (i hope its not offensive)

Thanks, if we / I can optimize stuff let me know! :3

now in german btw

Wanted to watch N*tflix or other stuff together? Now you can!!

btw i love the resource usage being 4% on a cheap server

New Instance LemmyONE (was mentano)
Had personal resons to rebuild and center a new instance