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I made up my opinion after they pushed a narrative in the face of reality time and time again. Like the endless “articles” claiming their forced labor camps are a lie, and their utilization in pushing false calm to the world about covid in the early days.

They are a state run organization under the control of a totalitarian regime who only pretends to be communist, their “articles” reflect that. As I said, they’re only useful in seeing where the wind is blowing.

So even if you dont agree with them

I mean, they’re a state run media, it’s a deceptive propaganda machine that honest people should find themselves disagreeing with, they’re only useful for knowing what the CCP is doing, and maybe getting a glimpse at why, but usually, the “why” is a lie.

I’d trust them as much as I trust Fox News to give me the truth.

You might want to look into a Pinebook pro, but if what you have is working, I don’t see a reason to move on.

Personally, I’m still using my librebooted T400 for my private matters and using an Arch desktop with proprietary Nvidia drivers for gaming.

As long as I keep my worlds separate, I’m happy.

I guess America doesn’t do anti-trust anymore…

This feels like a publicity stunt, Apple does not sell privacy, they sell privacy theater.

I’m happy to see this tangible move towards privacy though.

People are great, aren’t they?

Oh wait, that’s right, people are inherently evil and if we start acting like it we all know that, we’ll stop being surprised by their depraved ability to ruin everything for money, and maybe, just maybe, get out in front of that inevitable evil and stop it.

On your laptops, what network management software do you prefer to use?

Currently, I’m using nmcli to manage my connections, it’s okay, I guess…

Um no, they haven’t. I can play CS:GO and TF2 on Linux, I can still play them where I bought them.

Rocket League is literally being robbed from me. Edit: *as a Linux user.

“In the worst case, it will do nothing but piss off right-wingers, and then it would still be worth the effort for me.”

And do you expect it to change their minds? Because pissing people rarely does. Pissing people off closes their minds to you and the influence you might have had. Oblivious meaningless pandering just makes everyone roll their eyes.

The word master has had and still has meaning completely unrelated to human slavery, pretending one use of the word should dictate the ability to use all other uses is asinine.

Ah, pandering to people who were never offended in the first place. Good job guys…

Oh, look at that, my bank account is $164 smaller. How did that happen?

As a plebeian, help me out here. Is this going to impact the average Linux user? Are any of our package managers dependent on Guix, or does this have zero impact on us?