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“It’s a biological classification, nothing more.”

Yeah, if only they actually grasped what they’re saying here lol. Those living beings experience gender, and their biological classification doesn’t encompasses that gender experience.

One might say because it’s a biological classification, nothing more…

It’s no less moral than selling your labor in other ways, hell, it’s less harmful to the self than some other forms of labor.

Capitalism makes all labor morally grey to say the least, most of us work because we have to, engaged in jobs and environments we’d prefer not to be in.

My take is, for labor to be moral(I’m not taliking about personal morality, but systemic) our essentials need to be well covered regardless of our work, and the people need systemic assistance moving from one field to another, so that what ever labor one is engaged in doesn’t feel like their only choice of participation.

I don’t know where sex work fits into my utopia, but I do know I’d prefer, I’m general, that people are only engaged in what they want to engage in.

Direct action is best action.

Fucking love it.

Seriously, your nation, especially if it’s powerful, is lying a out their intentions, and your service will facilitate the oppression of vulnerable targets. Even on the back end, your enabling the deaths of countless civilians.

Sex work isn’t doing harm unless your government has created a toxic situation for sex work, and then its your government and the gang/mob doing harm, not the workers.

Starting first, money, and money, as well as money.

But seriously, how are we measuring dominance, because in the US I never see a Japanese website, but, we’re not typing in Japanese, search engines aren’t showing us results from other languages. However, their internet is rich in presence and culture, they’re doing their own thing.

I’d wager, most nations with widespread internet have a thriving internet culture and common websites you’ve never heard of.

Ah, the pope being a piece of shit siding with tyrants, as always.

Miss me tankies, I’m not interested in your red fascism.

That’s not the point, and one’s offensive smell is a massive barrier to employment.

I really don’t understand people like you.

Look, the US fabricated its reasons for being there, but that doesn’t make fucking Saddam a good guy, pull your head out of your ass.

I’m about to generalize…

Gamers don’t have it in them to care about the nuance of privacy, or their future well being. Just look at them, the console gamers buy into a dystopian walled garden, and PC gamers aren’t too far behind, dealing with Microsoft’s control subverting spyware of an operating system. I don’t see this group making smart moves for themselves.

#notallgamers don’t @ me.

I’m so aggravated by length caps.

I use a password manager and semi regularly have to make exceptions to accommodate this idiocy. Every time it happens, I reevaluate if I need the account.

I made up my opinion after they pushed a narrative in the face of reality time and time again. Like the endless “articles” claiming their forced labor camps are a lie, and their utilization in pushing false calm to the world about covid in the early days.

They are a state run organization under the control of a totalitarian regime who only pretends to be communist, their “articles” reflect that. As I said, they’re only useful in seeing where the wind is blowing.

So even if you dont agree with them

I mean, they’re a state run media, it’s a deceptive propaganda machine that honest people should find themselves disagreeing with, they’re only useful for knowing what the CCP is doing, and maybe getting a glimpse at why, but usually, the “why” is a lie.

I’d trust them as much as I trust Fox News to give me the truth.

You might want to look into a Pinebook pro, but if what you have is working, I don’t see a reason to move on.

Personally, I’m still using my librebooted T400 for my private matters and using an Arch desktop with proprietary Nvidia drivers for gaming.

As long as I keep my worlds separate, I’m happy.

On your laptops, what network management software do you prefer to use?
Currently, I'm using nmcli to manage my connections, it's okay, I guess.