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closed source hardware = Glados, closed source OS = Helios

Portal and Deus Ex are metaphors for the evils of proprietary technologies…

I like Gnome Shell’s phone-ish UI. It really combines the streamlined UI of a smartphone application bar/drawer but with the good parts of a traditional desktop UI.

and that’s without even getting into the huge developments in Linux gaming going on right now thanks to Valve

right now I’m just trying to brainstorm so I was just wondering what’s out there already. I’m thinking it would be something that benefits from being available physically or by being in the same city/state/region

thanks for the links!

Making a business out of privacy-respecting, open source tech for individual users?

I’m kinda interested in starting my own business helping folks switch to open source and(?) privacy-respecting solutions for their individual needs (as in, not enterprise IT solutions). Wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge about this kind of thing. …