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Yep I have one.

I used it as a daily for 2 week when I got it autumn 2020.

I couldn’t last a day using it. Basic experience was OK. My second biggest issues was lack of messengers app on (even emails). Most of my relatives are on signal and that wasn’t working.

BUT it getting better as os’es are developed. There is a working signal app and mail, better battery. I’ll probably retry the experience soon.

Interresting, thanks for your explanation. It definitively doesn’t fit my use case but I would be curious to give it a try one day.

There seems to be a fascination for Haskell in the programming community I’m not sure to understand.

But I don’t have a formal programming training: i have a statistic background and mainly hack script together in Python and R.

Yes but with planning. I prefer no lane to a badly designed one.

Especially since here bike are obliged to take the bike lane if there is one.

It sounds a bit like the journal “the conversation”

I’m gonna be that guy:

Org-mode with emacs. Sync with syncthing.

There are mobile client too.

The first meme was the big bang sound, we’ve been recycling ever since

I have the same sentiment, especially for the last paragraph.

I just joined because i saw the client on fdroid and remembered the project.

That client is so good. My phone is old and lowend, lemmur probably lack functionalities and I struggled to find the dark mod BUT the experience is really smooth and fast better than any reddit client I tried (except redreader but it’s another approach)