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I use Xournal++ for all of my teaching.

Silicon based chips are definitely about to hit a plateau. New materials like graphene (and other 2D materials) and topological insulators (insulating bulk with conducting surface states) will pick up, where silicon fails.

Nice status bar. Is this a celeron silver netbook?

I wonder why they don’t have a LXDE flavor. I used ~2006 era core2duos with some gma950 and 2 gb of ram until a few years ago. The performance of Lubuntu was unparalleled.

I tried it as daily driver on my laptop. I liked the smaller package sizes (musl), apk itself is superb… That said i switched back to debian. The power consumption was much higher and it lacked some kernel modules i need.

Spent way too much time on this one. Getting everything running was a learning experience. …


The article fits pretty well here. The headline wants the reader to believe a lemonade stand can pay for a surgery like this. This neoliberal “you can do anything if you work hard enough” is a real problem, especially when its carried by a statement thats a plain lie. Articles like this manipulate against healthcare and should be criticised.

I started in my second semester of physics. I used linux since i was ~12, since i couldnt afford windows, but never got into coding/scripting. I was pretty much a casual linux user from 2010-2017. I did a C/C++ beginner course with some friends and i had a lot of fun. The following semesters i did a lot of advanced courses and learned the command line. Now im about to begin my computational science M.Sc.