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wow very nice! never thought doing web dev in rust

credit score hacking via web history would be a thing then

Is this community alive ?

Any action going on ? Last post is 8M ago :( Any people interested in reviving community ?..

Something I really regret about nuclear energy though is the fact that you are completely dependent on other countries and industries.

Yeah I agree with that, that should be solved somehow.

I am all for it! Honestly don’t think solar/wind is feasible for whole countries without relying on coal in some part, and solar/wind still need to develop nuclear tech is already here. Solar/Wind also produce waste, plus the battery waste, nuclear has the waste of size football field, Finland is also doing work on that.

My biggest concern about nuclear is that politicans don’t use it to make bombs and nuclear waste.

In general I think nuclear is much better option than renewables on large scale, solar is ok for personal use.

worked yesterday also, weird

Very nice video, I enjoyed it! Wish author mentioned more nuclear solutions though

this answer the public site mentioned in article is really fun