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It’s not open source, and in fact it’s paid software, but Bitwig is the best DAW I’ve ever used and it’s on Linux via flatpak.

Will gnome 42 reach the next Ubuntu LTS?

Organic Maps, basic, smooth.

OsmAnd+, much more advanced, somewhat clunky.

What does avocado actually taste like?

It’s grassy, but fatty… quite a strange flavour profile. Has anyone ever sprinkled brown sugar over half an avo and just gone to town? It works sweet as well! …

This looks interesting, I’ll keep my eye on it. Thanks!

I own both of these and they are great fun. Thumper in particular gets my heart racing like no other game!

Looks cool but I don’t have a switch!

I still haven’t found a fast racer that feels as good/fast as F Zero GX. Any modern recommendations?