A community for people who love to cook!
I like cooking with spices but I have no idea what I am doing when I do so

I have a reasonable understanding about how to balance sweetness and acidity. I have a good idea of how much umami to add (as much as possible, duh), and I can add salt to taste. Bitterness I just keep to a minimum. …

What does avocado actually taste like?

It’s grassy, but fatty… quite a strange flavour profile. Has anyone ever sprinkled brown sugar over half an avo and just gone to town? It works sweet as well! …

Glen and Friends

Discovered this guy doing a cooking show out of his garage in Canada. Very different style! This is his home page with all the shows available…


I sliced bananas and rolled them in a mixture of cinnamon, honey and vanilla sugar. Then I roasted them in a pan for some time. After that, I put ice cream and liquorice bits. Now this is a good dessert! …

A community for people who love to cook!
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