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That is a great idea, but unfortunately will have extreme difficulty getting it’s outcome products approved for sale in any physical engineering disciplines.

If it gained enough respectable traction however, that could change!

And to stop mindlessly hoarding our data for their selfish ends

Great to see this discussion even taking place. But I’m willing to bet the multiple resale value of our data is currently well above $1k/year per person.

But hopefully these groups get some traction, and some healthy competition and we’ll see where it goes…

Exactly, just what we need, more IoT (Internet of Turds) everywhere.

With the current core speeds, you could be looking at taking around half an hour to process a packet which might take a current gen MCU for these applications (say 25-50 MHz) around a second. So will they just trickle data through slowly? Or more application specific accelerators? Clearly this was an integration scale proof of concept.

Surely they’re also aiming to increase the core speed, but the power budget for some of those ‘smart’ devices could be a limit. They may look at powering off your home wifi or cell signals etc, sitting there slowly charging & sensing then doing burst comms.

Can’t see them getting much internet capability yet unless they go for a hybrid process or a drop-in radio module etc, either will definitely limit the flexibility a bit. Probably some kind of NFC is where they’ll be aiming at least initially.

Interesting, nice that it’s patched. And they also recommend some flags if you can’t patch but ofc ymmv.

Any thoughts on what kinds of technologies could’ve prevented this kind of attack prior to it’s detection?

An interesting development.

Current core speed of 29 kHz, definitely limiting applications - though wonder how quickly that will evolve.

But being on a flexible substrate means integration into a variety of new places:

everyday objects smarter, such as bottles (milk, juice, alcohol or perfume), food packages, garments, wearable patches, bandages, and so on.

Shit’s definitely going to get interesting.

out of interest, how would that hostile SMS URL work with those SMS preview things alot of mobile SMS messaging implementations use?

I’m still leaning towards the idea that a ‘one size fits all approach’, probably isn’t going to work.

At one point i started discussing the idea that for those who won’t value privacy for its own merits, may at least appreciate the $ value they’re giving away, literally every day.

It wasn’t long after that, we started seeing articles suggesting this was a bad approach because people should value it for a higher reason than monetary value.

And I mean sure, according to us they probably should, but will they? ever? I’m still leaning towards employing multiple approaches depending on what each individual person values.

You may well be right about that, and my statement regarding this specific instance may be unfair or inaccurate. Nevertheless I have a feeling that when these kinds of politics are at play, the toxicity will seep its way in.

Good! We don’t need that giant becoming any more monolithic

yeah it’s pretty fucked isn’t it? i am waiting that we’ll see before too long even the absurd money they’ve doubtless paid him, isn’t enough for him to stick around in the toxic organsiation

Agreed. To OP, its actually not a bad idea overall, but i agree that you’d need to find a way around the single unique identifier issue.

Awesome find, thank you for posting this!!

Having worked in microfluidics in expensive cleanroom processes can’t wait to give this a try.

Will be good to put some quantitative values on some of the steps mentioned in this great video!!

Overall an interesting read.

They raise some good points. But not sure I can agree some bits.

The author hints at some possible connection between the timing of the blog post and capitol rioter cases.

This suggestion really comes off as either myopic or disingenuous. There will ALWAYS be some event coming along which apparent timing could supposedly be connected to. It’s logical to publish any findings sooner rather than later, so waiting for a “perfect moment” really doesn’t make any sense. And finally, its fuckin ridiculous to suggest Moxie is a facist - i mean get GET REAL!!

Good writeup, great job. Will be checking in for your Monday articles!