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Saying that we need to tiptoe around these issues over things I’ve never heard a single vegan advocate seems silly. I’m mostly just frustrated at the expectation especially in leftist circles that vegans shut up and submit to ridiculous scrutiny based on things no vegan would ever advocate is absurd. If anything I think we could be a bit more aggressivevwith education, particularly in combating these absurd ideas. Like you said we don’t really need to worry about right wing extremist vegans, at least not until they become a thing. Otherwise its just trying to frame vegan ideology as that for some other reason. I think there are probably anti-natalists that are eugenicists and so that makes more sense, but you can be anyi-eugenics and anti-natalist and again the answer isn’t tiptoeing, its educating on the difference. We spend too much time back tracking based on things none of us are advocating.

I resent the idea that vegans need to tread lightly to avoid the spectre of eco-fascism a term that seems to be any idea that suggests the desire to procreate has consequences. At present we are witnessing the beginning of apocalyptic climate collapse due to the impact humans have had on the planet. I’d go so far as to say, vastly disprotionately due to industrialization and extraction based imperialism exported to the world from Europe. So a caveat to anti-natalism might be that the idea should disproportionately affect the descendants of colonizers, but the fact is its entirely optional. You don’t agree, go ahead birth children into the apocalyptic world where they will invariably suffer terribly, nobody is gonna stop you from creating that harm just as we can’t stop people from eating meat. This is about as far from fascism as an ideology can get. There are no laws, only data and ideas on what to do about that data. No forceful, violent imposition of will unlike the relationship of meat eaters on animals. Yet we are constantly told to be careful of becoming eco-fascist by people that have created and engage regularly with a specieist holocaust of unfathomable proportions. At the end of the day it comes to this… Each day a human needs roughly 2000 calories, we need housing, we need clothing, warmth, etc. Those things are not just magically put forth in the world, we clear forests for that lumber and to make room for pasture and roads and infrastructure and quarry metals and lithium and everything else we need to support each additional human. The earth may be able to carry more humans but at what cost to the environment, the animals that live there and the people already here being thrust into climate catastrophe already? Anti-natalism is a completely opt-in idea about trying to mitigate the impact, to me, it is also a method of decolonization when descendants of colonizers opt-in and it literally harm’s nobody. What exactly is fascist about veganism or anyi-natalism, or voluntary human extinction?

Dual Power Structures

I was thinking a lot about the idea of using church entities as ways to establish neighborhood councils as was discussed a bit on mastodon and I wanted to start a thread here where we can share some resources and try to build a fairly straight forward process for anybody that might want to do this. …

I think a study group would be rad, I just got a baofeng radio to play around with while I learn more.

Mutual Aid Fund

So probably the first thing I was thinking and I would love to get feedback from others on this is to create a Mutual Aid Fund and an Email account for taking requests for help. That way we could be constantly collecting money and then as people send in requests we could send out money for anything…

This is why I favor Matrix, I don’t have to give anybody any info and it would be hard for the government to build a social graph of my contacts if we use VPN’s or Tor to connect.


I figure I will go first, but I am Hurin(They/Them), I am an anarcho-communist interested in community defense, mutual aid and internet privacy/security among other things I won’t list here. I have been working on numerous mutual aid projects for a few years now and figured since I spend enough tim…

I mean a lot of this would depend on the situation. You could basically try to get their IP and maybe put it under the hashtag #fediblock, maybe other admins will block it, but seems unlikely. It would be nice if we could have a regex based block function, but we don’t currently. You could change your username and picture to make it harder to find you, but I don’t know what other tools you might have.

Dreams of Freedom by Ricardo Flores Magon, How Nonviolence Protects the State by Peter Gelderloos, Bread Book(Conquest of Bread by Pyotr Kropotkin).


One of my favorite edible mushrooms. I successfully cloned these onto cardboard this year. You just wait until they get a little fuzzy in the fridge and then cut the tips off, put it on pasteurized cardboard and in a few days it should be running. Can’t wait to play with that more this year, I wo…


So my personal impressions is that mainstream services are garbage, but that mirrors the mainstream culture that consumes them. If most people want to stay on Instagram or Facebook, I would prefer they do, because as we saw when they did the Instagram Boycott on the 20th, we got a lot of new users, but it brought a lot of toxicity over from Instagram and once again somebody who really wasn’t a bad person at all got bullied off the platform by a small, but loud group of people. I came over here to escape the toxicity of the big social media platforms and found something resembling leftist solidarity. I appreciate that most of these services don’t tolerate bigotry to nearly the same extent as the mainstream services, that I would say often amplify hateful things because controversial content gets prioritized by the algorithms. The reason I like the fediverse is quality, not quantity. Mainstreaming these services would require either conforming to the norms of the mainstream internet culture, or somehow getting the mainstream internet culture to conform to our norms here. Both of these tasks seem pointless. Maybe the goal shouldn’t be total market saturation, but sustainability of the communities we have come to love. I think we get a lot of user share, but more than that we get a lot of really great, friendly and welcoming people for the most part. I think the toxic voices tend to get drowned out over time, because we have tools to filter that out and while we may have shitty things that happen from time to time as will any community, a lot of our instances function as a community and really do feel like a home on the internet.

Aborted Entaloma

This is one of my favorite ecological interactions. There is a lot of speculation about what exactly is happening, though the relationship involves two mushrooms, an Amallaria, usually Amallaria Mellia(The honey mushroom) and any number of entaloma species. One of the two parasitizes the other and…


Hydnum Umbilicatum I found earlier this year in Vermont. Very good, like a sweeter version of a chanterelle. …

I really think this would/could be a pretty cool addition to the fediverse, would love to see something with a trading section, mutual aid section for both people requesting support and groups organizing support and some kind of employment/gig section. That’s just my 2 cents.