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  • falxtoAsklemmy*Permanently Deleted*
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    Probably scrape reddit. Lurked there for 15 years or so, will now just change the way I lurk regardless of whether they roll back on their API changes or not. I’d rather they get 0 ad revenue from me and I donated my cash to support FOSS like lemmy.

  • Oh flutter is with dart, not Rust. I was just giving a bit of my profile to talk a bit about my interests / background.

    Kotlin is cool, but let me know if you change your mind about flutter. Though it is backed by Google, it does seem like it is gaining some momentum also among the FOSS communities, and it has the added bonus that the app can then be deployed on Android and iOS (or even desktop / web).

  • If you ever decide to do that, sign me up for some dev time. I currently mainly work with Qt and C++, but want to learn eg. flutter. Know Rust, Go and Java and a few frameworks around there. Frontend I did some angular and react in the past. For now I’d be able to invest something like 10 hrs per week.

  • I just imagined (incorrectly I should add, or over-generalized at best) that a person like this coming with a proposal to rename something that suggests past oppression is doing it to appease their conscience without even trying to solve the issue of racism. Just a PR stunt for their (and their investors’) peace of mind.

    The ‘pretend it didn’t happen’ person just renames eg. ‘master’ -> ‘main’, washes their hands of the whole thing and in their conscience they are saints, made a difference, fought the good fight, etc. but when racism rears it’s ugly head again they just will look for the next thing to rename. It’s like kids putting a black profile pic on their IG essentially. What good does that do? You’ve eradicated racism, have you? Well good on you mate, what global issue should we tackle next? Let’s rename fossil fuels to ‘poison’ and call it a day, eh?

    I have since learned in this thread that the renaming in fact should be a part of it (but I would argue not the main part) which is what I sort of agree with. For the real anti-racism we cannot realistically expect github, or Microsoft, or any corporation to do anything about it since they care only about profit margins and to look good.

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    I also joined from the reddit AMA and just learning about fediverse (how have I been a software developer for 15 years and not learned about this thing is beyond me). Looking forward to seeing how this thing develops, it is an amazing idea.