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ld -z now, gcc -Wl,-z,now

When generating an executable or shared library, mark it to tell the dynamic linker to resolve all symbols when the program is started, or when the shared library is loaded by dlopen, instead of deferring function call resolution to the point when the function is first called.

ld -z relro, gcc -Wl,-z,relro

Create an ELF “PT_GNU_RELRO” segment header in the object. This specifies a memory segment that should be made read-only after relocation, if supported. Specifying common-page-size smaller tha the system page size will render this protection ineffective.

also some additional useful info can be found here https://wiki.debian.org/Hardening

dm9pZCAqtoLinuxWhat the GNU?

interesting article and cool site

you are straight up wrong

then you can show me exact line of code in patches where librewolf removes “proprietary software”?

librewolf don’t remove any “proprietary software contained within” it’s just firefox with changed default settings and icons

here is sources and you can see it yourself, and not just misinformed people


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source "echo 'set my_pass = `pass -- mail/you@mail.com`' |"