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We can’t outlaw negative words, the connotations of that are insane. You use words to describe things. Non-sentient software might act in a slave-like manner, and if the word fits, use it. If it doesn’t, don’t. Thankfully platforms are starting to become decentralised and not at the authority of any one person, so relatively free speech and anonymity will eventually be upheld regardless of the law and what people on social media think.

Any privacy network that asks for traditional payment is not a privacy network at all.

I honestly don’t mean to sound trollish here, but, not it’s not. Virtue signalling has a fairly clear definition and I don’t believe we live in a land where every word is spoken purely for the sake of seeming like a good person.

My friend built a minecraft engine in a week or two and it was crazy compared to vanilla MC. I don’t think what they’re doing is even remotely complicated, and wouldn’t require a source leak to approximate.

This feels like justification-backflipping, and to be honest, nobody really cares what the term actually is or whether it fits semantically. The discussion that people are having is whether we should be renaming unrelated things in the name of racial hysteria. I am 100% behind the black lives matter movement, and other minority groups struggles, but these kind of things actually damage it by coming off as irrational.

Lets just put things in perspective: Microsoft, the same company that has an ongoing relationship with ICE and was one of the first to sell out to the NSA under pressure to sell our privacy out, is now pretending to care about people.

Remember to stay on topic. I couldn’t care if it branches were originally named chicken and egg or something crazy either and that really was not the point I was making.

I love this idea - I’m using i3status-rust but now I’m wondering if I really need it. How do you deal with workspaces? (like knowing which workspace you’re on)

I have an MCO card, but I actually try not to use it, I always spend whatever fiat I still have first, in accordance with Thier’s Law. :)

if they do it retro-actively it will break a lot of projects. hopefully they do not, but github kinda has a history of deprecating older methods of doing things (look at the github app).

Really? I don’t. Some protocols use the term slave because it performs in a master-slave relationship. It has nothing to do with race. Server-client is fine too though, but choosing words out of context because of race is a dangerous and slippery slope to to go down. MS is just virtue signaling.

We should bring it back so that we can ban it again, but this time for… uh… ‘reasons’.

Look at all this injustice!


Free the slave IDE drives while you’re at it! How could it have taken this long! :upside-down face: