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What’s the difference between a Middle Eastern country hosting the World Cup and a country like the US hosting it?
One gets ~~celebrated~~ *condemned* for killing Middle Eastern people, the other gets celebrated for it

It is quite depressing watching the odd video where Andrew Tate quite accurately describes capitalist democracy and the limitations of liberal democracy. Like, continue that thought to its logical conclusion.

Yet I post a video criticising George Bush for making a “joke” about WMDs in Iraq and it gets removed for violating community guidelines…

James Connolly (Irish Socialist Republican) is great for quotes:

  • “Governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class”.

  • “If you remove the English Army tomorrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle, unless you set about the organization of the Socialist Republic your efforts will be in vain. England will still rule you. She would rule you through her capitalists, through her landlords, through her financiers, through the whole array of commercial and individualist institutions she has planted in this country and watered with the tears of our mothers and the blood of our martyrs”.

  • “Ireland, as distinct from her people, is nothing to me; and the man who is bubbling over with love and enthusiasm for “Ireland,” and can yet pass unmoved through our streets and witness all the wrong and the suffering, shame and degradation wrought upon the people of Ireland-yea, wrought by Irishmen upon Irish men and women, without burning to end it, is, in my opinion, a fraud and a liar in his heart, no matter how he loves that combination of chemical elements he is pleased to call Ireland”.

  • “Don’t be ‘practical’ in politics. To be practical in that sense means that you have schooled yourself to think along the lines, and in the grooves that those who rob you would desire you to think”.

  • “The worker is the slave of capitalist society, the female worker is the slave of that slave”.

My friend used to always say during school “when you get your first paycheck you’ll stop being a socialist”. Until he started working… he’s now a socialist.

“Anti-war leftists” seething at the idea of checks notes… not cutting off water supply to civilians.

I’m really bad at languages but it’d be really cool to speak Arabic

“Do you want to die fighting for a foreign imperialist power?”

-Option 1: Yes -Option 2: I love Putin

Not a loaded question at all… /s

I love how, in the first panel, the bolsheviks are red fash tankies. Yet, immediately in the second panel, the ‘original revolutionaries’ are ‘anarchists and libertarian socialists’.

![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/8965cc73-e783-4ca9-819a-9a9eaf4e041e.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/ed264028-8e74-4aa2-b412-f66c3e73535a.png) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/c55fe988-841a-49ba-82d9-42db215e2431.jpeg)

I find this funny. “It’s not hard to show some respect”. No it isn’t, I do it all the time. I’m purposefully not showing respect because I don’t respect institutions of colonial oppression. That’s the whole point.

Yes we are reflecting on her life. The result of that reflection is abolish the monarchy.


You won, Gorbachev. Enjoy your Pizza Hut, I hope it makes you happy. Dear lord what a sad little life…. (Gorbachev is dead celebratory shitpost)
You won, Gorbachev. Enjoy your Pizza Hut, I hope it makes you happy. Dear lord, what a sad little life, Gorbachev. You ruined my Socialist Soviet Republic and the economy of Easter Europe completely so you could have the pizza hut, and I hope now you can spend some money on lessons in grace and decorum. Because you have all the grace of a reversing dump truck without any tyres on. So Gorbachev, take your pizza and get out of my country. Rest in Piss.