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This kid is making excellent videos especially about minecraft. He certainly seems to know what he is doing…

This is what I got for my answers 😉

Just now deactivated my reddit account👋

You should try again one more time. My distrohop stops with voidlinux when I installed it two years before in my home pc. xbps is really lightning fast.And runit also. Though Im just a casual user my pc and myself likes void linux very much.

Thanks for the web link /u/ajz .Sorry for the wrong info🙊

Anybody using Gnu IceCat browser

Gnu IceCat is the GNU version of the Firefox browser.IceCat feels a little faster and use around 60mb less ram than firefox.Gnuzilla-FSD version is 60.7.0 released on 2 June 2019. Here in [Void Linux](https://voidl

First I posted that r/linux AMA link to r/voidlinux. It was also removed.

Exactly! This is what Im trying to do. But I like to do it officialy. Thats why I tried to draw Void devs attention towards Lemmy. May be I should create one for this excellent distro.

All other posts in other subreddits by me are also got removed.Voidlinux does not have a forum apart from this https://www.reddit.com/r/voidlinux/. So I thought It wought be nice to have an alternative…

Thanks! I use antix on daily basis. Should say Im only a casual user.Antix is window manager oriented comes with four wm’s pre installed in full and base versions.I always use core version and install only what I need.From my use case the winning points are antix specific tools like remaster,frugal install,persistence and snapshot.You can read the details https://download.tuxfamily.org/antix/docs-antiX-19/FAQ/index.html

Because of that AMA I came here🥰


/u/bard is right😃 It is deadbeef music player.

Yes it is😁

/u/ajz found it😀


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