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I really want a keyboard phone but I don’t want a flip open I want a Nokia n96 style

I havent read a story quite so biased in a while. Im almost impressed. It could have been written by the Russian PR department.

I mean it is lunduke, he does go off the rails abit.

i agree, i think the price is way too high but if they can actually get the desktop apps to work then it may be a pretty good cross over machine.

They remember they are just a note taking app right.

I get the same, not sure what the issue is.

Each spike as result of releasing lockdowns?

10m/s wind is required and that obviously needs to be constant. This could work in another form like strapped to something tall and hanging but otherwise I don’t believe this would work.

I think he’s avoiding gab because its a known Nazi hell hole. If puts off the moderate repubs

I couldn’t get on with it myself. It seems like you actually download every site you go to and tot in the browser cache kinda way, like the hole site.

I imagine,its a,bit of a stressful job.

There is Mycroft.ai which can do homeassistant skills but its still centralised as the processing power required for Stt and context processing is still very expensive.

Kontact has needed a fzrefcesh for a while. I’m glad they are getting round to it

This is the commercial version. There is a gov version which is already in use by a number of European govs so I doubt this is much of an issue.

I’m surprised they actually pulled it but lets see what it turns into. Probably a lot quieter next time

The year of the linux desktop /s but still good its growing