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I haven’t watched it yet, but I hate it because I’ve been using this name for 20+ years and now I get bombarded on Twitter by fans of the show who don’t understand how Twitter works.

They’re talking about the people that spike trees so lumber workers may get injured, or burn down labs where animals are being tested on.

These types of missions never go well. You spend hours getting all the gear you need and devising the perfect plan to stealthily break into the facility, then your Solo panics and blows your cover the second he’s questioned by security, a firefight breaks out and you end up having to blow up the building in order to escape.

This sounds like the plot hook for a Cyberpunk 2020 adventure.

Mine finally showed up like 2 weeks ago. I ordered the day they went on sale. Now I just need to find something to solder

Also Pentoo, DEFT, Backbox, and ArchStrike

Probably a combination of poor advertising, the CCG market was already being hugely oversaturated and the fact that by the time it was released (assuming we’re talking about the original 90’s one) cyberpunk in general wasn’t terribly popular. It got great reviews when it was released but that usually doesn’t mean much.

Yeah, I mean you’re probably right but watching him get KTFO was quite satisfying

I don’t know. It was effective for trash like Richard Spencer who has been punched, deplatformed and is now largely irrelevant.

Fuck Nazis and their little crybaby problems. If they feel like they’re being censored, fucking good, that means it’s working.

Deplatform them online, punch them in person.

Come on now, nobody thought Takedown was a good movie.