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so, has anyone tried it yet? i installed it, but i have no friends, so testing it is a little difficult. the ui is nice, and the signup was easy enough. no iphone option yet, so the few people i know who might try it can’t, stuck in the walled garden as they are.

I installed dendrite via docker on my 13 year old laptop… 2gb of RAM, 2 core CPU. Worked perfectly. Synapse was a push, but if they ever get dendrite up it’ll be amazing. Is there a list anywhere of what software you are running? I always enjoyed the message boards on the cli, and things like botany on those shared shells, but I haven’t bothered with them since I got my own vps. Might be nice to be social again.

My first and only language is English, so I never considered how other languages use gender as compared to my own. Honestly, I find the s/he or the s/he/them sort of clunky. they/them feels a lot more elegant from my perspective, but I spend a LOT of time in communities that are openly non binary or at least supportive of that, so I don’t know if it’s language related or learned from my experiences. So to answer your question, I think the language in the docs now is much easier to understand, and looks better than it did before.

My favorite part of this announcement is that all the comments are people saying you should do it differently. I would assume the IRC setup question could be covered by the tilde.chat network? XMPP would be nice though!

With the most respect possible, can I ask if English is your first language? I’ve noticed that people who speak English as a first language seem to have less issue with the they/them in singular, than those who have learned the language later. A thing I assume is due to how it is learned. To me, if I say to someone, “I was looking for Bob, have you seen them?” I mean have you seen Bob, in the singular form. If I were to say “Alice is looking a little sick, aren’t they?” No one would think I was discussing a group of Alice’s. The context gives the meaning. Singular they has been in use for a very long time. I think though that people learning the language as a second language, (Or however many layers deep into language learning they may be) are taught that it is a plural thing, and only used for that. It creates a jarring thing in the mind when you’re certain of your skill in a language and then suddenly the words go on an alternative adventure.

I might be way off base though. I’m up for being educated.

It took me a minute to realize the halo devs didn’t used to be hitmen.

How were they losing millions, enough to make arrests and everything, and no one checked the books? Seems crazy to me.

gnome no longer defaults to wayland, which means performance on nvidia is normally just fine. I’m not a gnome fan, but it’s won me over the last few years. kde has come on a lot too, but it’s still a little hectic compared to gnome. you pay ease of use for customization. gnome has opinions, kde has options. if you want a gtk desktop that just works, budgie is nice. xfce and mate are awesome, but they’re very old school, fine if you want to put in the effort, but for out of the box use, I’d suggest cinnamon or budgie.

I’ve been using migadu.com after drew devault started talking them up. No complaints so far, easy to setup, and everything just works.

I was kinda hoping this was more android and less google reader this time. I quite like how stadia runs compared to it’s competition, but this is doing the “We’re JUST shutting down one part guys, the thing will be FINE.” thing that means nothing is fine. Nothing is fine at all.