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straight into my veins

Personally I dream of a distributed ecs library, in the vein of spatialos

An actual good open source alternative to Premiere

olive might get there in a few years

Soy milk, rice milk, oat milk, they’re all great. Personally I like changing things up from time to time.

It’s just around the corner at this point. /s

pretty good way to be private from the general population (and companies!)

On some level that is true, sure. But it’s important to keep in mind that usually, unless you’re sending private encrypted messages, everything you post is public. It’s an append-only log which also gets replicated onto many machines, possibly including strangers who could take it and post it online for everyone to see (or, once scuttlebutt gets large enough for this sort of behavior to become profitable, scrape for user data).

there’s no way that I immediately see to look over -all- public posts to see where the activity is

entire list is currently populated with porn

That sucks :( But it can also be used to illustrate an important point about the sort of essence of scuttlebutt, which is being pull-first. You must be “pulled-in” to join social circles. This means it’s harder to get into any given circle, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Once you have established a presence on the network (meaning you have at least a few people follow you and replicate your feed) and are not reliant on public pubs, chances of getting unwanted porn are really quite low. It’s a great example of what I would call grassroots moderation, where the task of blocking unwanted actors and content is spread out across all users in a way.

If you want people to replicate your feed you may want to introduce yourself on #new-people channel, at least that’s where the introductions happen on the mainnet.

Is there some way to link an account between devices

As far as I’m aware there is no good way to do this. What people often do is they will make another feed (“account”) on their phone and ask their friends to follow that one as well.

The thing I find most interesting about the scuttleverse is just how different the discussions there are from most other places online. The immutability of whatever you put on the network means that people tend to always triple check the stuff they send. Due to the nature of the tech there is also less focus on instant responses, which I personally like very much since I can take as much time as I like to respond and no one will judge me for it:)

populated almost exclusively by devs and programmers

I guess this is mostly due to scuttlebutt still being a cool new tech you would mostly hear about in programmer circles. It’s still not mature enough for your regular facebook people to adopt too. I mean the internals are still running on javascript, which makes it much slower than it could be.

From my own experience with the ssb mainnet there are at least some non-programmer folks, perhaps you just didn’t get a chance to sync with them yet?

it’s a very simple connection to make

extremely simple

They will have to start doing this sooner or later I suppose, trying to maintain their influence and profits. As china’s economy grows to two-three times that of the usa in the next 30 years, they (china) will become influencing the anglosaxon cyberspace more and more, forcing usa and other capitalist-imperialists to implement more visible censorship and protectionist propaganda. It’s quite ironic really.

Good point. This was also true for me, I’m only getting more into C now after spending almost 3 years learning lower-level stuff with Rust.

Honestly it’s funny coming from people who are openly using twitter

Glad that Rust has been mentioned. After all the more bugs we are able to weed out with the help of smarter compilers the less maintenance work is going to need to be done.

Polskie tłumaczenie Lemmiego
Nie ma nas zbyt wiele ale i tak wrzucę posta. Pierwsze tłumaczenie jest już dostępne, natomiast zawiera ono trochę błędów. Jest też kwestia nazewnictwa pewnych elementów interfejsu takich jak upvote'y. Dajcie znać co według was warto zmienić, dodać, poprawić czy wywalić.