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  • If a person has good geopolitical analysis and shitty takes on domestic politics and trans issues, does that invalidate their geopolitical analysis?

    In my experience, few people (if any) have the correct positions on everything. This used to really bother me. I try now to just pick and choose sources according to how their opinions in their domain of expertise aligns with my values and knowledge. For example, I’ve gotten a lot of useful info and analysis out of the Duran people–a lot of their analysis and predictions regarding their us/Russia Ukraine proxy war has turned out to be correct despite them being paleocons and having bad takes on social issues.

  • I think a key attribute of this article that makes it notable is that its author is Jeff Sachs. On paper he has the maximum degree of normie credibility–his only disqualification these days is mounting arguments that counter the bourgeois narratives, which is only a disqualifier to the naive. As I read this I realized there are no reasons that have been articulated as to why covid couldn’t have originated in and/or escaped from a lab funded by the U.S.

    • The U.S. gives no shits about treaties banning research of this type
    • It’s absolutely not beyond the U.S. to invest in R&D into biological weapons
    • It’s absolutely not beyond the U.S. to lie about something like this
    • There’s no reason to believe the MSM wouldn’t play ball with a coverup given the coverage of other aspects of covid

    I wonder if the CPC is sitting on any info regarding this topic…

  • Comerade Stalin needs to lay off the western propaganda:

    Guest How do you view the nuclear bombing of Japan by the U.S.?

    ComradeStalin While tragic, the United States used nuclear weapons to subdue the Japanese Empire, effectively ending the Second World War. However, the proliferation of nuclear weapons remains a major concern, and the current war in Ukraine has demonstrated their dire consequences on the global community.

    Guest The use of nuclear bombings did not end the second world war. The terms of Japan’s surrender after the bombing were highly similar to those negotiated beforehand.

    ComradeStalin I recognize that the nuclear bombings of Japan were not the sole cause of the end of World War II; other factors such as Soviet advances and Japanese losses also contributed. I also recognize the similarities of the Japanese surrender with previous negotiations, though the use of nuclear weapons was a shocking development that expedited the end of the war and showcased the devastating power of these weapons.

  • Not OP, but I think the BRICS+ are seeing continued development of productive forces (e.g. BRI; financing via the BRICS new development bank for industrial development [and not predatory credit issued for the purposes of lowering prices of export commodities thus stifling development]), while the G7 is unable to break free from neoliberal post-industrial services which have very limited real economic benefit, and in the case of Germany and presumably other west European countries, actively deinduatrializing.

    I can’t point to exact sources but this is Michael Hudson’s bread and butter.

  • Shitty clone job bc Blinken is far stupider than Kissinger was. Kissinger was a realist who negotiated with u.s. adversaries when it ultimately suited long term political goals, whereas Tony blinken is an idealogue and an idealist and therefore does not see and cannot effectively respond to the massive geopolitical changes the last 30 years have seen. You better believe that Genocide Joe claiming that burgerland is the “indispensable nation” has at least something to do with this dullard. Honestly, critical support to our boy Tony for being such a failure, resulting in a significant dimuntion of u.s. imperial capabilities.

    Obviously rest in pissinger, just saying he wasn’t an idiot like blinken.