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pornography is healthy. times have chaged, bigot

i’ve already been to venezuela, even have pictures with government officials (i even know someone who took a picture with Maduro himself!)

after searching the github issues it looks like rust does report “unnecessary parentheses” a lot more than it should

due to the buggy nature of macros, opening an issue on github is probably the best way to solve (i suspect there is nothing wrong with the code itself)

  • the word “democratic” can have meritocratic implications

  • meritocracy is racist

it’s simple, avoid using the word “democratic”

the point against “free/libre” is a bit more complex, read about it here

math has targeted bipocs for hundreds of years

yeah, a update that accounts for off-shore websites would also be welcome

using a hateful symbol despite being warned about it, wow. that’s hate speech 101

he was thinking of women as sexual objects, educate yourself

also do not use the “not equals” symbol, it is hateful:

you are the type of person that believes “antifascists are the real fascists”. i fight hate with anti-hate and there is nothing wrong with it

please be careful with the word “democratic” as it can have many meritocratic implications in the context of “free/libre” software. you can avoid misinterpretation by using “open source” instead of “free/libre”

be sure to use masstagger to make sure there really isn’t any misinformation, right-wingers can be surprisingly sneaky

i am a hate fighter, i will call out bigotry when i see it

If you are in a relationship and you don’t feel the need - good for you

no, just no. not masturbating is one of the worst far-right talking points

“This isn’t kink shaming. No one has a “kink” to fuck other men.” this is how you sound

do better, bigot

completely agree, the first and second amendment are artifacts of an ancient era and incompatible with modern society