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I use it but not as my main email.

I use it to subscribe to all those services that spam your inbox; e.g. spotify, amszon, linkedin, xing, steam, local restaurants, etc. It also use to be my main email in 2016, so some acquaintances still only have that email, si I should keep it open. Plus, I am on the free plan, so I am not losing anything.

I use Tutanota as my main email; for bank, personal emails, official stuff, important accounts, etc. I am on a paid subscription for Tutanota.

wOuLd YoU dOwNlOaD a CoMmUnIsM?

- shitty propaganda funded by money-hungry scientific journals and publishers

I came to this thread to recommend CS50, but looks like you already found it.

Keep working with cs50; it’s a wonderful introduction.

I can’t tell you how long it will take you to learn these languages because everyone learns differently. Plus, you can already start working on projects while learning these languages; you don’t need to be an expert before you start. Plus, you learn more while working on projects and learning stuff at the same time.

This sounds really cliche, but focus on the road, not the destination; you will learn lots of stuff, and there is no clear destination, anyway; you will always be learning new stuff, even when you become an expert.

I recommend you not only focus on the specific language, but also make sure you are actually learn the concepts being taught well. Lots of programming concepts are language-agnostic and are available across many or most languages, especially languages that belong to the same category (e.g. object-oriented languages).

I hope this was helpful. Have lots of fun!!

Unfortunately, Luke removed his wallpaper repo, but there are forks of it.

I downloaded his wallpaper repo back in 2019 and hidden among the hundreds of beautiful wallpapers are wallpaper that contain the Black Sun symbol (nazi occult symbol) and other Thulean occult symbols. It’s ironic that he uses Thulean symbols, since Thulean occultists generally really hate Christianity (because they see it as being “too Jewish”) and he is a very religious Christian (from what I understand, he either already converted to Orthodox Christianity, or is considering it).

It’s really really creepy.

I owe a lot to his LaTeX series, as I learnt a lot from him but his political opinions scare me because he knows how to obscure and obfuscate his true opinions, but sometimes he lets them slip.

I have a love-hate relationship with him. I really like his WM ricing content and other tech content, but I can’t stand his pseudointellectual rants and pseudoscientific opinions. On the other hand, I also have some objections with his tech-content because I think he really fuels the toxic elitism found in lots of GNU/Linux communities. I know that he is usually joking but his comment sections are extremely toxic as a result of his “ironic elitism”. But at the same time, I keep coming back to his content. I have no idea why, but there’s just something about him that makes me want to keep listening to him talk, even though I disagree with like 80% of what he says.

Fuck this article, though. This is not the way to criticize Luke. “ON NOO, he likes the so-called ‘open-source software’. What a horrible monster”.

If you want to criticize Luke, then criticize his actual views, not his promotion of open-source software. What awful lazy journalism.

Yes, this!

Regarding audiobooks, I have actually been listening to Audiobooks since last December and I really have been completing books more quickly and have been enjoying it much more.

The thing is, I spend the majority of my day at work reading documentation and writing code, so audiobooks are a welcome change.

I recently finished Norse Mythology by Neil Geiman, which I listened to as an Audiobook instead of reading. I am also currently listening to The Ancestor’s Tale by Richard Dawkins because I always wanted to learn more about evolution, since we didn’t learn about at school in my country.

but it takes the place of screen time.

Tfw you use an ancient iPad as a glorified eReader. :/

I really need to stop doing this, but I have most of my books as eBook, unfortunately. The problem is that I often get distracted while reading, since it’s really tempting to just open Safari and browse reddit.

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