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Damn you’re right, I forgot there’s a lot of tech savvies around here. At least the SCP-173 image, aka peanut, might ease the confusion.

Nice, they are such classics! I’m not sure which are my favourite ones, but I’d mention 426, 699, 3007, the one that is usually written in green text and 4694.

This is a good point I almost forgot, sometimes I feel it could be more human if only those who believe in a sacrifice for a “greater good” were the ones involved in absurd risk experiments instead of neoslaves which could be receiving a more humane or justified punishment in most cases. Besides the fact that, especially in earlier skips, D Class personnel tend to be wasted on silly and unnecessary tests.

I’m sorry if my post seemed like we need to portay the Foundation as evil more often, it is more that the most relevant GOIs in that multiverse are based on Western equivalents, especially American ones. I know this is mainly due to the SCP community itself being more prevalent among American users and creators, but it could be nice having a separate fiction project where most organizations’ HQs aren’t located on America or imperial core regions. It’s just an idea, if most people find this attempt absurd or pointless there’s no problem, at least I stated my opinion.

But still, maybe it’s just my perception, there’s usually a white saviour complex embedded in the Foundation or GOC to name a few, thus they are justified evils in most skips and even “heroes”, or am I missing something?

I'm not sure if it's just me but the Skip site seems to have been based on supernatural versions of UN, FBI, ISA, NATO and simmilar organizations (yeah there are some KGB or "against the system" inspired ones but they are usually portrayed as incompetent or evil). And that's only if you are aware of the constant prowestern propaganda, explicit and implicit. They also have managed to make very difficult for new users to create official skips for they favour old and renowned creators (some of them having enough free time to make exhausting 30 page issues every week) over anyone else thus having a higher control of this supposedly *shared* multiverse. I'm asking because it could be awesome if there are enough users like you, who have wanted to share their ideas there but they didn't succeed as expected or are getting tired of that community slowly becoming a shell of its past self, a personal opinion, or just are tired of some aspects of that community and want to be part of a "descentralised" fiction project. Anyway not everything has to be related to politics and global issues, so having a place like that could be something, besides memes, that could alleviate the ongoing pains of living with liberals. **TL,DR: Would you be part of a left "SCP" like community?** If you think there's a better community where to post this please let me know, and I'll remove this one.

Is it just my personal opinion or that site went downhill since the Amogus fad? Anyway, I always thought there was constant pro-American propaganda there despite the awesome ones.

At this stage I bet all the richest developing countries infrastructure plans put America’s to shame.

Let me guess, it’s not only because they are non-western countries, but they also have a good relationship with China.


Then again, it may not happen in the very near future, but it shall happen.

Many libs are supporting nazi ideology regardless of Azov, some are not even pretending nazis were bad or a mistake. It’s disgusting.

I doubt any of those countries, US put aside, can be classified either as imperialists, neoimperialists or small imperialists. But what do I know, bOtH cOUntriEs aRe cApiTaliSTs.

Indeed. I accept when they at least state their position and enter debate so they can solve their doubts about what is and what is not imperialism, but no, they only downvotes go brrrr


I hate we don’t have any union which provides a living wage cause even the pay raise of Senior Ops was an unfair rate before they were terminated.

I don’t care how rude or stupid is our “master” but we need a better representation and compensation, we are not slave labor nor robots, we have tolerated trash in the form of injustice, bullying and harassment when we only wanted fairness, freedom and at the very least access to restrooms and accessibility for our colleagues.

“This is dumb” you may say but this is concerning and we may form a coalition and a committee which ends with your favoritism. Your practices are the virus and once we unite we’ll be the vaccine! Take it like a threat, a decent petition or grievance, our diversity and ethics will tear down this prison! Fire! Fire!

…Tot Plantation

Did Soviet workers own the means of production?
I've been visiting posts across different "left" subreddits and in one of them they claimed the Soviet Union was never socialist since they got stuck in state capitalism and not even under Stalin they were truly socialist (in fact they claimed it was authoritarian and *horrible*, but I won't dismiss their main opinion only because of that point). So, basically they mention that despite the apparent benefits the people had, workers were also exploited as their *regular capitalism* counterparts since they lacked any real power over their labour. Are they right? Does the mere fact that workers owned or not the means of production refutes or proves they were socialist?

I know about greeting cards, comrades.

Unable to download this album
I found out this compilation of the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble from DPRK, anyway they have not granted me permission to download it. If anyone is able to access the file, please share it with us, I've listened to some of the tracks before and they are neat.

I was watching the *Juchewave* video while scrolling the comments I found some youtube user with this as pfp. I think is somekind of shitpost edit but since I am not American I don't know if this is something produced by Trumpers or someone who knows every "recent" US president is a war criminal, but still I don't get the Nazi comparison, Zelensky on the other hand...

This artwork reminds me of the relevance of representing native or regional tools instead of keeping always the hammer and sickle, I know it is a based symbol, but by doing some modifications the local people can feel better represented by the parties or movements which are meant to help and protect them.

"China's high covid stats may put the rest of the world in risk"
I don't have the link for that article, but I swear I saw some news header using exactly (AFAICR) those words like ignoring which countries are the ones acting like COVID-19 is no longer out there and, so, have an exacerbated number of preventable cases and deaths.

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If you have any app or resource related to Red Star OS please share it with us. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/77e78c5b-d14b-484b-a60f-74d92be196da.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/5b96c011-57b4-4183-b6ad-ac428000e306.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/9528024b-05be-4dab-89da-14a3f33f3d22.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/e98314af-99cb-40de-8854-596dd8c007a1.jpeg)