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  • I hear you. When I first joined .ml, they were pressing for people NOT to join it. To create their own instances so that .ml didn’t become a central entity, and get overwhelmed with users. The latter did occur during the reddit exodus.

    I also agree that they can curate and manipulate the instance to their ideals, which will limit casual users and their reach.

    I don’t feel like I’m being secluded, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. I have seen hate for .ml users and hexbear users, and I really don’t get it. The fediverse shouldn’t be segregating users based on what instance they’re in. That’s like saying all US citizens are awful because they live there.

  • The views of .ml mods have not affected me. I don’t really check my subscription feed, only /all or /top->day, therefor im still exposed to all those other communities.

    The only instances that I’ve noticed are missing are porn related, and as an asexual, I don’t have an interest in them. If I did, I could just visit a different site, like pornhub or w/e

    Not all .ml users are tankies, or communist, or foss enthusiasts. I’m just a guy who likes memes and tech

  • Okato196@lemmy.blahaj.zoneMy fellings were similar
    1 month ago

    I had the opposite reaction. When i got a prescription, I went from 1080p to 4k. I could see and read just fine, but I can’t see fine details.

    Then I could see all the pores and blemishes on people’s faces, and it was kinda frightening. For someone to see that their whole life, it’s probably normal, but for me, it’s like people were wearing uncanny masks, and I couldn’t get used to it.

    Also, glasses gave me a headache like no other.

  • Plagiarized? No, not intentionally. I’ve only learned the rules for DnD, an Aliens TTRPG, and a D10 based homebrew TTRPG. Day Zero is D20 based, inspired by DND. The main difference that I added is “Mood” which can boost or hinder your checks. Also, stat bonuses aren’t derived from one number (12) to another number (+1). They are a straight bonus. (3 stat points is +3)

  • The closest friends I have is:

    • Kid I met in a programming forum about 11 years ago. We were friends but not super close. Over time kept reaching out. Today, still not super close in my opinion, but talk on the regular.
    • His recent friend of the family

    I have had a few really close friends in life, but we are no longer friends

    • Middle school: a girl my age. We played Minecraft together
    • 18-20: a guy into programming (same programming forum), and shared very similar game interests
    • 20-22ish: A couple friends I played a minecraft RPG with. One became a streamer, the other 2 just changed interests.

    Also, not a lemmygrad user, just saw the post in Hot.

  • Like others, being on Lemmy dragged me away from the constant stream of endless gratification. I still check it a few times a day, at most, but much less than Reddit.

    What Reddit still has over Lemmy is a huge database of answers. While many people have left Reddit or moved on, their comments stayed, and that includes many searchable and genuine answers.

    It also has more communities. Game devs still use Reddit to host a lite web page (subreddit) for example. While the fediverse has many communities, alot of them are duplicates. Every instance has their own Memes community for example, which pollutes the feed sometimes.

    In the last year, I’ve made less than 5 posts on Reddit, mostly asking questions. I don’t browse it, I just end up on it from search results.

    I wish the fediverse agreed on unique communities. It’s cool that I can communicate with several different websites, but imagine if there was 5 reddit.com’s and they all made their own memes subreddits. Either you have to subscribe to all of them and get duplicate memes, or you sub to one and miss out of 4x more.

    Because those 5 reddits are all divided, so is the potential user base. I’m not saying we should go back to a single website, but rather that each website in the fediverse hosts one major community.

    Alternatively, have an instance that merges all the other instances’ communities so that all the meme communities appear as one, and all duplicates are filtered out.