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Neat, I guess. I always wondered how many people use systems like this in transitioning to Linux or if that many users just really like Windows and OS X clones.

I’ve been using linux for long enough that I’m entrenched in the traditional desktops and window managers.

Hot dogs and instant noodles
One of my go to snack lately involves slicing hot dogs into coin shapes around a centimeter thick, pan frying each side. I make a simple sauce with about 2 parts gochujang, 1 part soy sauce and 1 part mirin then mix it in with the hot dogs and instant noodles. Definitely recommend as a good cheap, lazy meal

I’ve been messing around with 8Vim on FDroid. It seeks to mimic the motion of handwriting. It’s hard to explain but seems unique.

ehh I look at it as a different strokes for different folks thing. you want a pre-built binary set for a full feature desktop or compile the whole os and pick and choose every facet. that’s always been the beauty of it to me. I don’t know why someone would care if you use gui apps. it just seems pretentious.

right. on top of package manager support there would need to be more rigid standardization of package names. I have run into dependency libraries with differing names across different package managers even though they are the same code so it’s not as simple as dropping in apt install/pacman -S/emerge <package>

I personally use unix pass with rofi as well as an android companion. my passwords are synchronized via git. to everyone saying KeePass, what is the appeal? I moved from bitwarden to get out of a cloud. I didn’t know about KeePass at the time.

It’s been awesome following this website. It improves every time I visit. As far as lemmur, has anyone tried it on android? I downloaded the arm64 version and nothing seems to load in it.

An interesting idea but I don’t know. Microsoft did finally fold and made an android smartphone. Maybe that will be an even closer glimpse of them harnessing linux systems to run their own software. It would definitely be an interesting idea but I do always worry about the continued creep of companies like Microsoft onto linux and the implications on the free angle of linux.

I discovered Linux about a decade ago as a teen. My parents gave me a computer and I discovered how awful windows vista really was. I stumbled upon ubuntu, this was back in the gnome 2 days! I never really looked back. It sparked me to learn computer science. I don’t do it on a professional level but I’m comfortable writing some C when needed.

Right. I was discussing this with someone on the subreddit right as reddit nuked it. It’s something I’d be willing to contribute to. If so, though, I would think it would be cool to set up an instance tied to the instance being made for the new chapo community.

I’m having flashbacks to compiz-fusion circa 2010 when this was how everyone managed their virtualdesktops