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I think one could argue that technological progression is incentivized more in a capitalistic system (at least until oligarchies are established and start indirect collusion), and I tend to agree. However, the cost of extreme exploitation of not only the employees, but the customers and the environment is 100% not worth an increased rate of “progress” if that even is the case, in my opinion.

Oh fully agree, but there are a ton of phenomenal books out there that are impossible to acquire legally without DRM. Many aren’t even available illegally, especially if they are in a language other than English, like try finding “De Grijze Jager” anywhere DRM free, legally or illegally hahaha. Many authors don’t even know the issue with DRM and just do what their publishers say is standard.

You want to do any professional electronics design works and don’t have half a million dollars per year for 1 license of all of Cadence’s tools: You can do circuit simulation through WINE and LTSpice or hspice and you can do hobby hardware development through KiCAD, but anything beyond that is difficult. You will also not be able to use almost any chip-specific development tools. Generally you can always flash devices, but advanced features are usually not available

If you want to do any significant 3D CAD: Maybe you can get Fusion 360 working through WINE by luck or can learn to make do with FreeCAD, but anything other than that is a no-go.

If you do competitive gaming: you are mostly SoL for the time being

If you have any dependency on Adobe tools for work, previous projects you need access to, etc…

If you like to read books on a kindle but don’t want to buy through Amazon: since the python3 migration of DeDRM and Calibre it is extremely difficult or impossible to get it working only on Linux using ADE on linux through WINE for the encryption key.

Plenty of reason to use linux, but above are some reasons not to.

But don’t a lot of big companies make a lot of use of JS malfeatures such that this direction wouldn’t be able to gain mass adoption? (Though I wish it would)

I prefer to program in Mr. Mime personally

MaSks aNd sOcIaL DiStAnCinG aRe jUsT gOvErNmEnT’s aTtEmPt tO cOnTrOl Us. Meanwhile multiple viruses are being almost wiped out.

tl;dr choose almost any distro that uses XFCE, LXDE, or openbox

I think people can desire a much wider adoption of linux, or they can desire a completely free, no privacy-strings attached experience. It can’t really be both apparently.

The great thing is that if your viewpoint conflicts with the viewpoint of anti-cheat, you are still free to not use anticheat-backed programs. It doesn’t necessarily compromise system security or privacy just by existing as an option. More options on linux are almost always good.

I’m no network engineer, so if you could ELI5, what would be the alternative to automatically let in legitimate users, but block hackers, spam, bots, etc…?

I find Food Wars a mixture of hilarious and educational (albeit waaaaay over the top, but it is an anime lol)

You can self-host bitwarden. It is also available of F-droid. I’m confused why you would have to get rid of it? It is one of the best open source password managers

You can use Jellyfin also. It is a complete multimedia manager. There is also a standalone Music app for it called Gelli.

You could do some much lighter selfhosted options:

  • Music server for self-hosted streaming if that is your thing

  • Work on security of the pi for TOTP backups or BitWarden hosting (there are some Linux hardening guides that are fun to implement and teach about security)

  • Syncthing for backups of phone non-media files (e.g. Tasker, daylio, OTP database, text backup, signal backup)

  • Mail server for having you own domain email

  • problebly many more ideas I am foegetting

Ah, I think I misunderstood your intention. I took your other statement to mean: The 50 games I played were mostly fine, so here is a criticism of wine/proton gamers.

i guess we shouldn’t look down on WINE gamers because often even devs who “support linux” don’t really support linux, so it’s only as good as supporting a game that only works over proton.

I think a big distinction that must be made would be acknowledging the problem, vs a proposed solution. I think, that is where the internal motivations make more of an impact.

Linux devs can agree that there exists a problem while not agreeing on a solution. Perhaps Madaidan has been more criticized because his possibly bad motivations would influence the solution, not just recognition of the problem? As the above poster said, many other security experts have released similar reports, why is this one turning so many more heads than those?

Perspective of a non-security expert by far. I don’t understand everything in the article, but it was relatively well simplified for the common power user I think.

Also, specific question: is his point about sudo insecurity and keylogging mostly mitigated by the better security of Wayland? Is there a better way to secure sudo, or would that significantly reduce usability?

It is not a mistake. I said “many don’t work well”, you say “many work fine.” Those two things are not mutually exclusive. Many can work fine, many can work badly, and many can work fine with minor issues.

Valve games all work fine (besides modding, sometimes you can run into path issues or similar), but for the other games, I, personally, have had almost as many issues with “native” games as with proton games. With proton games, the fix is often tweaks, command line parameters, etc… that can be done with proper knowledge, debugging. On the other hand, native problems (as I have experienced them) aren’t a problem with translation as there is no translation, so they rely on often-apathetic developers to release a fix. For games like Borderlands 2, Planetary annihilation, Rocket league, Rust, etc… those fixes never came and in 2 of those cases, linux support was just removed instead.

I agree that we should support linux developers, but I think it is a difference in philosophy on whether people should exclusively support linux devs, especially when their support of linux may be fleeting.

Personally, I think the “toxicity” comments come from 5+ years ago where you were completely shut down and ridiculed in forums if you had missed anything in the man pages/ wiki or didn’t understand it completely. Also, and this still happens, if you don’t include the necessary logs. I totally get where both sides come from.

We can’t really help people without logs, but at the same time, linux noobs have no idea where to find any of the logs that are relevant to the problem. In order to go through the wiki and get enough information to find the correct logs. It would literally take many hours to not only sort through the 30+ articles you might need to go through just to understand enough to find the correct logs when us vets could often tell them what specific logs would be helpful in 1 sentence. Especially if they have no prior terminal skills.

Is there changes to the kernel that valve will have to upstream as well as wine/proton changes for the settings to work?

Or will it all just be done somehow through proton? I would think any upstream kernel changes would take much more time than they have before the deck release.

it seems like they are just pulling big names for the hell of it. None of those people seems to really fit the roll. I think it is also hard to visualize anyone but Luigi actually having dialog.

I am one of the few people who enjoys playing SMITE with friends lol

Also it would be fun to get back into Fall Guys. I had a lot of fun with that in season 1 before they put in EAC.