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  • think of the money saved on windows lisence. IME instructors get a little irritated when you point out foss alternatives (I.e. I used octave in a matlab course which went fine but irritated the instructor a bit) I think that teachers and staff would resist a switch to anything unfamiliar.

4 months late but I absolutely agree. I switched back to yandex because of that. Encryption wasn’t worth the hastle of having to go to their login page every day to me.

Edit: Ahh opensource now… May have to try it again.

Ohh I might have to pick one up. I’m currently using a Kindle fire 8 HD which was $50 and which I rooted to run lineage. I wonder how hackable the hardware will be.

Please don’t make this community a political crap-hole

Distributing pallets of bricks at protests is pretty damn bad… Not that most of antifa does that but large elements of it do encourage violence.

Ahh… thats too bad (IMO). The possibility of plugins/extensions does seem interesting but more difficult for inexperienced users.

Any API in the works? A really neat thing would be something like pushshift (for reddit) which allows easy API indexing of Reddit posts and comments. https://github.com/pushshift/api

What is the bot policy going to be for Lemmy? I happen to really like the Reddit bot system where bots are pretty much users and can participate in any server unless banned. I understand that some Redditors dislike this because of the spam and other problems this can create but I do hope that their will at least be community specific bots.