Just looking for a free internet horizon to sail towards.

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It’s more effective to intimidate people in person.

I’m really enjoying Pop!_OS. It was pretty simple to install, maintain, and customize. Updating to 21.04 was flawless for me and had no hiccups.

Guards! Guards! Hard to decide though because I also love so many other Discworld novels.

It doesn’t have millions in marketing to pay for adverts everywhere. Very few people are aware of it’s existence and the mainstream media are going to ignore you unless you grease a few palms, know what I mean?

This sounds great. Would love to see a Canadian online retail store. Importing adds to the cost anyway, so it isn’t unreasonable to expect it to be more expensive.

I have a Pinephone and it depends on what you need. If you just need basic web stuff it should be adequate. I’m using UT on mine but going to give Mobian a try. UT is kind of limited and it is root only, changing it can break the system. No auto-mounting of drives so you have to do it manually on logging every time. It’s also annoying that there is no automute in alsa so when you plug in your headphones, it doesn’t silent the phone. At least it is still that way in the release candidate channel that I’m using. The music player it uses is limited and very sluggish, and the media player for movies I could never get to play movies, at least not the .avi’s that I have. Also saying the camera is sluggish is being too generous.