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According to the CDC:

CDC estimates that influenza was associated with 45 million illnesses

This was in 2018, worldwide. At the time of this being written, corona cases are counted at 47,434,036. Those are very close numbers, and you have to keep in mind that corona has lasted longer than the average flu season, due to it being able to survive cold climates better than the flu, even though the flu has been getting progressively better at surviving during the winter months.


https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden-averted/2017-2018.htm https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus

I replied under the wrong comment, don’t mind the comment under yours @Stoned_Ape@lemmy.ml

C# and Rust are better languages. You get the pain of slow IL or long compile times!

Joe Biden: "I'll lead an effective strategy to mobilize [unintelligible]!"
Joe Biden shouts gibberish!

Joe Biden lied at the last debate about banning fracking, but we all know what he really wants to do: destroy to jobs of all the American people in the oil industry!

Thousands of Trump supporters display their support with lines over half a mile long in North Carolina!

How am I a troll? I am no terrorist either, unless terrorism means having differing opinions. I am planning on being very active in this community, in any groups involved with politics and programming.

Besides, what have I said that could be called ‘terrorism’? The definition of terrorism is: “The use of violence or the threat of violence, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political goals”.

Please do not delete this for disagreeing

Trump 2020! Lock the corrupt Democrats up!

1: I never claimed that masks do not work, I said that people should not be forced to wear masks by the government. That is just my opinion.

2: On the subject of social distancing, I also believe that the government cannot enforce it, but individuals and businesses can. If someone asks you to step back, or it is mandated by the business you are entering into (let’s say Walmart), then respect that and do it, even if you do not agree with them.

3: The death rate (at least in the US) for Covid is 2.5% (per 100,000) while the flu is 3.4% (per 100,000) My information may be wrong, and I would be happy if you corrected it, but from what I know of, Covid is statistically less deadly than the flu.

Literally all I am saying is that the government should not enforce a mask mandate/social distancing, but that businesses/individuals should if they want to, and that we have blown Covid out of proportion. Respect my opinions please, and follow your own rules (rule #2).




Thanks. I am fine with you disagreeing with me, but I do not like the mods deleting my posts because my opinion differs from theirs.

It was not covid misinformation-? Also, there was no point in deleting it if people can still see it easily. I was just sharing my opinion. The federal and state governments cannot force us to wear masks. If a business wants people who enter their doors to wear a mask, then that is the individual businesses right, not the government. If you want to wear a mask, or the business you are entering wants you to wear a mask, then wear it. This is not misinformation. I will not get into my other opinions about covid, as I am sure you would hate them.

Make things in the Inbox that have been read not pop up as part of the number of items in the Inbox, only new things.

I think we should have login support for as many platforms as possible. A Twitter and Facebook login would be cool also.

PLEASE add login support for GitHub.

I think it is fine, as long as they do not spam.


I am making it for my personal use, but I will be putting it on GitHub for people to contribute. It is going to be a transpiler that converts my code into Rust. The transpiler is currently being written in C# but will be rewritten in Mua later.

I am proud of what I am doing, and will be releasing soon. I am nearly done with the first version of my own programming language: Mua.

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Just, we need an operating system that supports all platform’s software. That would be amazing. I wish that was the goal of Android, and I am a mainly Windows developer, so I would love Windows Phone support.

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We need some kind of Windows support. Maybe allow Windows Phone apps to run on Android?

Well yeah, some of them are men. Just like how some men online are women. It is kind of universal across genders for some people to lie about their gender online.