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So that makes me a half racist, good to know

So am I racist because I’m not an antifa nor a fascist? Do I need to be an antifa to be anti-racist?

That’s authoritarian

I have an opinion but this is not connected with my political view in any way, at least for me. I’m gonna say that’s the problem with FOSS

Yes I know, and that’s not great as I sad

I’d have said the same thing even for proclamed fascism. I just prefer politics free stuff, It works better with everything

Just going back and forth

No need to jump ship for me

It’s a political movement

Too much politics for an open source project in my opinion

Daily Linux

As I’m moving more to use open source software I would like to start using Linux as my daily. I’ve used Ubuntu and Debian for work but nothing more. Do you have some good distro to recommend? …

Daily Linux

I’ve tried XMPP (using conversations) and found it pretty good. Hopefully they’ll add call support soon so I can make a definitive switch. Thanks a lot for all the info, I didn’t knew that much about XMPP

Instant messaging app

Hi, in the last weeks I’ve started switching to alternative apps to better protect my privacy. Regarding instant messages I’ve started using Signal: I know it’s not the best one but it’s still better than Whatsapp. I’m trying to find a better alternative to Whatsapp, hopefully decentralized, but I’…