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Here’s a list with some good Pandas resources if you. These are great if you want to learn how to use Pandas to e.g. read and manipulate data…

Oh yes. Chilies are perennial even though the most common species is called Annuum. But we’ll see how it turns out!

Now I just need to get more flexible 😬…

This is a tutorial that covers what the paired sample t-test is, btiefly, before going into the practical details. I found that it helped me understand when to use this test but the most awesome part is that I now know how to apply this test with Python. I also discovered a new package, called Pingo…

I am! Actually, I am planning on doing it on a chili plant. We’ll see how it will turn out!

Oh. Thanks made me smile. Now I can go and get some good night’s sleep. Take care!

"Measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 through non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) such as mask wearing and social distancing are a key tool in combatting the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. These actions also have greatly reduced incidence of many other diseases, including influ…

Getting through grad school and earning my PhD degree is def something I am proud of.

Oh, this is very interesting. I have a couple of research projects in mind that all are, in some sense, including the use of VR as a means of intervention. That said, cognitive training has received a lot of critiques over the past year and is, in my opinion, not really working (not my area of expertise, of course). What will VR therapy in the form of cognitive training add to the old e.g. brain training apps? Because it’s more “real”? Thanks for posting this.