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Kein Mod hier, aber mir scheint das ein Thema für eine Lemmy-fokussierte Community zu sein.

I don’t know Wattpad, but for writing there are WriteFreely like you mentioned, and also don’t forget Plume.

Since it’s still quite small, I’d rally people around Pixelfed. But you’re right, that doesn’t exactly cover the Deviantart use-case. Let’s hope somebody takes action to develop something to fill this space.

How to fix dependency error on Pop!_OS
## Problem A few days ago, i wanted to update my system, but run into the following error: ``` user@pop-os:~$ sudo apt upgrade Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree... Done Reading state information... Done You might want to run 'apt --fix-broken install' to correct these. The following packages have unmet dependencies: gir1.2-mutter-10 : Depends: libmutter-10-0 (= 42.2-0ubuntu1pop1~1656366415~22.04~8e50951) but 42.3-1ubuntu1pop1~1658401497~22.04~928bf97 is installed E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt --fix-broken install' with no packages (or specify a solution). ``` Trying to upgrade using the Pop!_Shop application failed as well. The shop just crashes a moment after starting the update process. The recommended `apt --fix-broken install` doesn't work as well, "too many errors". ## Solution I found this [reddit post](https://www.reddit.com/r/pop_os/comments/wduw8k/help_when_upgrading_my_system_i_the_the_following/) describing the same problem. The [first answer](https://www.reddit.com/r/pop_os/comments/wduw8k/comment/iikpzfp) contains a solution that worked for me: ```sh sudo dpkg --configure -a sudo apt --fix-broken install # then of course sudo apt upgrade ``` I thought to share this here, so we don't have to leave the fediverse to fix this problem.

Looks good. They continue working on their federation support and iirc there’s one issue remaining that blocks Gitea from dogfooding itself.

The big plus for me is that users have a choice, while still being able to participate in the network.

But please, no cryptocurrency in the fediverse! It creates a huge incentive to assign everything a monetary value and this destroys a lot of the value of the fediverse. It’s about human interactions and not about extracting value.

Yes, I didn’t cover it in my comment, but I also think it’s good to reduce data footprints for everyone. If it’s not required, don’t publish it.

Honestly I’m surprised how controversal this matter is discussed here. I think it’s a reasonable suggestion. As long as the gender of a preson doesn’t matter—which on the internet is the case most of the time (imo)—a gender-neutral pronoun is appropriate. If you care about your gender, nothing stops you to present yourself accordingly. Of course this should be respected as well.

Ich muss sagen, ich bin manchmal ein bisschen lost. Communities zu Themen, die mich interessieren (eig. aber auch generell) sind nicht sehr aktiv, bzw. werden oft einfach Links rein-gedumpt. Zugegebenermassen liegt mir das Format auch ein bisschen weniger als die kurzen Posts auf Mastodon. Ich bin selten hier, aber auch dann finde ich oft nicht so in einen passenden Diskussionsmodus.

Ich weiss aber auch nicht, wie man das besser strukturieren könnte. Vielleich könnte man wöchentlich ein Thema aus einer Community aussuchen, dass dann im Haupteingang vorgestellt und diskutiert wird. So ist es vielleicht einfacher, Communities mit interessanten Diskursen zu finden.

Hi, which sources does Powerampp support? Can you use a Subsonic or Ampache server?

That’s good for you. It didn’t really work for me. VLC is a good player, but not a good music suite. And I’m less interested in playing Spotify than Subsonic/Ampache.

A lot less and I love it after the first 5 minutes! Thank you. It’s not very stable though.

Nuclear looked promising first, but for me it felt too ‘webapp-ish’ and I also didn’t manage to play music from the various sources. Cannot recommend in it’s current shape.

Yes, which is also the reason I don’t feel to switch the instance yet. But i mean… 63 users / 6 months is a bit underwheliming imho.

Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass mit der Zeit grössere, kommerzielle Plattformen ins Fediverse einsteigen – mit kompatibler, aber kommerzieller Software (Ads, Subscriptions). Potenziell ist es sehr vorteilhaft, da man nicht Facebook oder Twitter komplett ausgeliefert ist und niemand einem das “Network” wegnehmen kann. Es wird aber noch lange dauern. Ich stimme dir zu, dass der fehlende Clickbait-Faktor und bisher auch die fast unmögliche Monetarisierung die Adoption im Mainstream massiv hemmt.

Ich denke (und hoffe!), dass in ein paar Jahren die Kombination aus Funkionalität, Interoperabilität und Freiheit ein grosses Publikum anziehen wird. Und damit auch die klassischen, grossen Player.

Zum Glück limitiert die Föderation aber die Monetarisierungsmöglichkeiten. Ich sehe das Fediverse damit eher auf Infrastrukturebene, wie Email, und somit auch nicht als “Produkt”.

As you can see, I choose Feddit and not Lemmy.ml as my instance. One of the main reasons was exactly to avoid joining the flagship instance. I speak German so Feddit seemed fitting.

However the communiy on Feddit is really small and most posts don’t get any answers. Therefore it’s probably better to stick with lemmy.ml until the Lemmy galaxy in the Fediverse gets big enough to justfy more planets (instances).

That’s just the base to build video calls upon. I’m a big fan of p2p as well, but p2p only limits the number of participants pretty hard. (4 people, yes. 10? Maybe. 50? Nope.)

I really look forward to convergent linux systems.

How are decentralized video calls bulit into every browser exactly?

Alternativer Link: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=Vn8phH0k5HI