It’s now been a little under two months since the release of the Wayland-based Raspberry Pi OS Bookworm. Whenever we do a major version release like this, we invariably spend the next few weeks fixing all the bugs that real users have found but our pre-release testing didn’t, and then make a bug-fix release with them (hopefully) fixed.

This has taken a few weeks longer this time, simply due to the sheer amount that changed under the hood in Bookworm, but the bug-fix release is now ready and can be installed from today via Raspberry Pi Imager, or downloaded from the usual place on our website. Or, to upgrade an existing image, simply use the updater icon on the taskbar, or (if you’re more old-school) open a terminal and do sudo apt update followed by sudo apt full-upgrade.

This update includes improved support for encrypted connections in WayVNC; the latest version of Thonny; Mathematica and Scratch 3 working on Raspberry Pi 5; and a bunch of other small bug fixes and tweaks. But we thought we’d give you a little pre-Christmas bonus in this release too…

A few weeks ago, Eben wandered past my desk, and he remarked, “wouldn’t it would be nice if we had a dark theme?” (He’s not the first person to suggest this, of course, but he is the boss, so I tend to pay more attention when he suggests things!) And as it happened, I wasn’t particularly busy that day.