• @knfrmity@lemmygrad.ml
    169 months ago

    Watch this protest be treated the same as all the other peace protests in Germany over the last year. Just last week ten thousand protestors around the Munich Security Conference were basically ignored by the press.

    • @sudojonz@lemmygrad.ml
      119 months ago

      They’ve already been working to smear the protest as “russian shills/pro-putin/nazis/anti-ukraine/pro-genocide” all over the place. Broken brains abound.

    • @PolandIsAStateOfMind@lemmygrad.ml
      9 months ago

      Difference is, the number in Poland i cited is for entire country, and with the demonstrations being organised by government, for the issue government and media push 27/7 for the last year, which is supposedly completely embraced and popular among people, and there is over 5 millions Ukrainians in Poland who should be most interested in participating.

      Number 50000* in such conditions is absolutely pathetic, again, even if just the Ukrainians showed up, that would be less than 1% of them. For comparison, when Cuban govt is organising, 1-2 million people in Havana is not rare thing.

      While the people in Berlin manifested obviously against their government, institutions and media, even got called “Putin activists” = “traitors” for putting flowers on the tank. That’s like marching for Jews day after kristallnacht. In such conditions 50000 is many - and this was not the only manifestation in Germany that day, i don’t know the overall number.

      *could be more, could be less, i did extrapolated roughly from the photos, and taken a margin of safety, since the manifestations laster few hours. And the photos were complete shit, barely anything was visible, only in two cities there was relatiely good photo.