I'm excited to start this journey!
Owncast recently hit it’s 1 year anniversary of being a project. Federation has been on the todo list since day one, but I always wanted to do it for the right reasons, to solve real problems. Once enough features bubbled up that all felt like they all fell into the ActivityPub bucket the time has come. Seems like SocialHub is the place to be to post progress, questions and to learn what everyone else is up to. So while I’m a newbie to the scene, I’m looking forward to becoming more embedded...

In a recent announcement also published on Lemmy Gabe Kangas told about Owncast’s roadmap with regards to adding federation features. These include interoperability with PeerTube.

Both PeerTube and Owncast are are now both members of SocialHub, the community of technologists and fedizen that collaboratively evolve the fediverse foundation.

I encourage anyone willing to help envision how this interop may look like to become a member too and participate in forum discussions. Alternatively you can also use the SocialHub companion Fediverse Futures brainstorming space on Lemmy.

A free software to take back control of your videos

Peertube is an open, federated alternative to Youtube without advertising or tracking. On this site, you can find a good Peertube instance, with good rules, good moderation and most importantly a friendly community.


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