Great video. I don’t know anything about the guy, but he seems on the cusp of a major revelation (the immortal science). He’s correctly identifying the problems but not yet seeing the cause (global class war, imperialism). I’m morbidly curious at seeing the other guest’s comments


He’s a very established US bourgeois economist too, taught at Columbia, many popular economics books on poverty… my guess is he and a lot of his kind are witnessing the success of Chinas poverty alleviation programs and economic rise, and the US collapsing in on itself, and are either going into deep denial, or changing their views to match reality.

US collapsing in on itself

Really? Can’t see this happening from outside the US. Everyday, it’s just more warmongering as usual.

Absolutely collapsing in on itself; the entire past year has been proof positive of that

The last big riots were in the 90s no? After Rodney King in 92 and I think some more in the late 90s?

Since then there hasn’t been a big riot in the US that I remember, up until George Floyd last year – and it has been much bigger than the 92 LA Riots because it was nationwide. This shows the contradictions are heightening and while the future can go either way, I’m not hopeful it’s going to get better for the foreseeable future because cops are still intent on murdering black folks.

Past year, sure. But now? What are the indicators you see?


Highly recommended you read up on Jeffrey Sachs, the guy is a bright star in American academia. He’s well respected by almost everyone except the US State Dept.

This is as delicious as that time they got a British doctor who had spent years in Cuba to talk about Cuba and she rebuffs the imperial worldview on Cuba and Castro


Love that one.

That was fantastic to watch


Is Bywire based?


Haven’t heard of them before but it seems like they might be. At the very least they’re anti-BBC.

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