Help us test payments in Signal

The latest Signal betas are rolling out today. Inside, you’ll find performance enhancements, a slew of bug fixes, improvements to the mute settings, and if you’re in the United Kingdom, you’ll see support for Signal Payments – a new feature that enables you to send and receive privacy focused pay…

Everyday Signal keeps looking like an impostor to me. (Yes that is my first Among Us joke ever.)


Yeah, I’ve previously defended Signal’s where it was criticized by privacy activists, but this ain’t it.

This seems like a really bad idea. If it were some form of simplified paypal like feature, why not, though I would still think that it would not be a feature to expect out of a messaging app.

However, this seems to be using some new cryptocurrency, which is really likely to turn off non tech-saavy users.


A PayPal like feature wouldn’t be private. But then again, this specific cryptocurrency they picked isn’t either.


It’s a few days too late for April Fools 🤮


this has confirmed all the doubts I have had about signal.
I had hope that they would be one day true to their promise and bring usernames but instead they were all along working on adding crypto scams.



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